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This article should be moved to Geni:About. I do not want to make the move because the links at the bottom of the template need to be modified appropriately and regular editors do not have that authorization.


I've basically taken the concept from over at wikipedia, cut and pasted what little information is out there (Oh BTW, the reference tag is not working so I have forced one just for visual sake). The about link at the bottom of the page brings you to this page where there are summaries of each topic and links to the main articles. We could leave it here with many needed edits or move it elsewhere. I was even thinking it would make a nice entrance page to the wiki.

For the average person doing an internet search this will be a great access point. They can get a glimpse into the company (yes, some information is needed to appease the publics curiosity) and community all on one page and delve deeper if they want. Members, in theory, will need more specific information so will look to the main articles for their answers.

Also, how formal or informal does the wiki want to be? Is it going to be published in wikicommons with other projects?

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