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Do you have a collection of family videos sitting on a shelf? Do you use a webcam to chat with distant relatives? Videos are a great way to capture special events and communicate with your family, but until now, they've been hard to organize and share. From baby's first steps to wedding anniversaries, from family reunions to family interviews, now you can use Geni to organize and share your family videos.

Geni's new video feature is free, fast and private:

   * Unlimited uploads with no fees
   * Simple upload process
   * Your videos are only viewable by your family

You can instantly tag which family members are in your videos and permanently archive your videos by adding them to an event on your family timeline. Multiple people in your family can tag their media (photos and videos) with a common event, thereby creating a virtual scrapbook of that event. For example, multiple family members can instantly create a virtual scrapbook of a wedding by tagging all their photo albums and videos with that event.

Adding videos to individual profiles and events adds another dimension to your family history. Your Family will be notified when you upload new videos, so they can view the videos and add comments. Uploading a video is easy, so get started today!

Video Specifications

Troubleshooting Video Uploads

1. Play your video on your computer and make sure it runs through

completely with sound

2. If you have a PC, try uploading it to Geni using Internet Explorer
3. If possible, try encoding it using a different format, such as mpeg-4
4. Quit your browser, restart your computer and try again
5. If none of these work, email us the following information:
   Platform: PC or Mac
   Browser: name and version number
   Computer: brand and specifications (if you know them)
   Original video file: if feasible

Known Issues

There is a know caused by the presence of an MPEG1 video track in the input file. The problem occurs *only* when the input file has an MPEG1 video track.

A possible work around is conversion to an alternate format prior to loading the file with the plugIn.

- if using QT pro, I would suggest conversion to QT mov using animation

 or none for the video compressor

- use ffmpeg to convert the file from a mpeg1 video/container to a mpeg4

 video/container file.

There is a useful and free video conversion program. It's called Avidemux. You can use it to convert an mpeg-1 to a DivX avi file.

Once in Avidemux:

1. open your original video
2. change the Video dropdown to "MPEG-4 ASP (Xvid4)"
3. keep the Audio dropdown as "Copy"
4. keep Format as "AVI"
5. select Save Video from the menu
6. upload the resulting file to geni

Here are links PC version:

Mac Version:

Video Tagging

'Tagging' a photo is a way to indicate who is in a Video on Geni. You can tag a Video with a person's name by clicking the 'edit' link next to 'In This Video' under any Video. You can choose a name from the pop-up list or start typing the name of a family member or a family friend. When you have added the name of each person in the video click done.

This video will now be associated with each person you tagged.

Video Notifications

For information on the Media Digest and Media Comments notifications please view the Notifications page.

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