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Hi Waldir. When you make an edit, captcha should only be required when you add a link to an outside page. We added this recently to deal with a rash of spam we experienced. Is this not what you are seeing? Noah 21:25, 16 February 2010

Update: Heh, I was asked for captcha when editing this page without adding any links. I'll look into this further. Noah 21:25, 16 February 2010

Shalom Waldir,

  • thank you for your input to my "cheat sheet" page. I'm always happy to learn new Wiki tricks.
  • in your todo (wiki) list, you mentioned "investigate the best way to link directly to geni pages". There already exist a few useful templates for SOME types of links, such as Shmuel Aharon Kam.. I think presently the thing most missing on this Wiki (for the 10 people that use it), are references to the created Wiki documentation, such as these temples. Of course, not knowing they were there, I didn't use them in my pages, and am only now starting the conversion. Let's see you get Noah to allow you a BOT on the Wiki to convert them! ;-) Shmuelakam 22:56, 11 April 2010 (UTC)
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