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Hi, I'm Waldir Pimenta, and I'm an active Wikipedia editor. I will try to note down some useful stuff here on the wiki, as I find them.

useful stuff

karma system

Some relevant links

url formats

  • to compare two profiles: (if it doesn't work, try the other way around)
  • to perform a merge: (PERSON_ID1 is the one who appears in the url after profile/compare)
  • to suggest a merge:
  • to search for potential matches:
  • to access a person's profile:
  • to access a person's tree:
  • sent requests:
  • to search for a path between you and someone:

todo (wiki)

  • ask to install parser functions (if, expr, etc) here on the wiki
  • investigate the best way to link directly to geni pages (prefix on interwiki map? template? make external links to show up without the arrow using css?)
  • ask to update to latest mediawiki version, in case it isn't
  • clean up Template:TOC right, Template:Pp-template and Template:Pp-meta. Add Template:tl
  • use clean urls instead of the index.php (if possible, without the /wiki/ suffix)
  • why do autoconfimed users have to fill captchas for every edit? I do, for instance.
  • the field info, in the preferences page, are too agressively presented. in register new user too, I think. confirm.
  • Page title should include "geni" (e.g, "User:Waldir - Geni Wiki" instead of "User:Waldir - Wiki")
  • Work on Collaborators, Profile merging, Tree Merging and Resolving Merge Issues

todo (geni)

  • suggest better bug/feature request handling mechanism than the forum (google moderator?)
  • checkboxes on tree matches page (and other page, possibly), to allow multiple simultaneous actions
  • more at my forum posts, go get them
  • suggest karma system for permission management, to prevent dead-ends caused by inactive users. I've got SIX PAGES of pending requests. This is really annoying.
  • why does the resize photo feature endlessly keep loading (or updating) some of the photos?
  • on the sent requests page, the status is either pending or forwarded. It would be nice to see who the request was forwarded to (that is, who are we depending on to complete the merge)
  • I want to be able to set my timezone or even better, see times at timezones according to the person who performed the action.
  • Wording of the "request management" message is misleading to the receiver (it says they want to "take over" management of the profile but you never lose it unless you explicitly choose that later).
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