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Hi. I'm Rolando. I use the same username on Wikipedia, where most of my activity has been in the creation of wacky templates. Woohoo.

Here is my Geni profile. If you want to be my friend, let me know, and please let me know how I know you (online or not).


Here is a slightly outdated list of surnames on my tree. That thing is actually kind of ridiculous. Here are the surnames of my known ancestors:

Via paternal grandfather

My paternal grandfather claims his full name is Rolando Gustavo Alonso Maria Cleofe de los Desamparados de Aguiar Gonzalez de la Vega Nuñez y Villavicencio (?!), which could give us some idea of his paternal matrilines (I think that's right). Though ostensibly Portuguese in origin, Aguiar is an old name in Cuba, appearing in censuses of Santiago de Cuba in the 16th century.

Via paternal grandmother

My grandmother claimed that seven of her eight great-grandparents were born with the primary surname Rodríguez.

Via maternal grandfather

Via maternal grandmother

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