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Here is my Geni profile. If you want to be my friend, let me know, and please let me know how I know you (online or not).


I'm trying to identify other descendants of a few of my family's lines, and gain contact with a few folks whose names I know.


My father has very few first cousins, and I believe we have made contact with all of them via Geni--except those who are still in Cuba.

My great-grandfather Guillermo de Aguiar was one of five sons from Havana. We believe the family came from the Canary Islands, though I do not know more than that (e.g. which island, or when). The five boys were named Mario, Delfin, Oscar and Luis. Their father was Leopoldo and their mother Delfina.


My mother's family has been very active on our Geni tree. I knew nothing about them when I started it in October 2007, but now many of her 30+ (paternal) first cousins have claimed their profiles, and have talked with each other, some for the first time in decades.

Second cousins

My mother's maternal first cousins Dorothy and Carol Lyon were born in the late 1940s and brought up in Silver Beach, the Bronx, New York. Their parents were Harriet Richards Lyon and John "Jack" Lyon. A number of my mother's paternal cousins knew the Lyon sisters in adulthood, but fell out of touch with them. Carol Lyon was married to Robert "Viscenti," though I think that name is spelled wrong. It may instead be "Vicente," "Vicenti" or even "Vincente" or "Vincenti."

Third cousins

The following are my maternal grandfather's aunts and uncles (on his father's side, all born in Knockgraffon, Ireland), and their children:

  • Catherine Carew Heard (b. 1860), married to Robert Heard. Children:
    • Kathleen Heard Gibson
    • Katherine Heard
    • Marie Heard
    • George Heard
    • James Heard
    • Joseph Heard
    • Ross Heard
  • Johana Carew O'Shaughnessy (b. 1864), married to Jack O'Shaugnessy. Johana has one of those names that can be spelled a million ways, and I don't know if she lived in Ireland or the U.S.
    • Greta O'Shaughnessy Limbach lived in New York in mid-century (her husband Earl Limbach was a successful ear nose and throat specialist)
    • Jack O'Shaughnessy (died 1959)
    • Bird O'Shaughnessy
    • Ita O'Shaughnessy
    • Collie O'Shaughnessy
    • Evelyn O'Shaughnessy Kirwin
    • Ann O'Shaughnessy
    • Florrie O'Shaughnessy O'Sullivan
    • Francis O'Shaughnessy
    • Lil O'Shaughnessy Flatley
    • Frances O'Shaughnessy
    • Joan O'Shaughnessy
  • William Francis Carew (b. 1868), married to Catherine Butler. Children:
    • Margaret Carew James
    • William Ross Carew
    • John Joseph Carew
    • And two more daughters, still living
  • Bridget Estelle Carew (b. 1869), married to John Bernard Thompson. Children:
    • Julia Thompson (died young)
    • Stephen "Donnie" Thompson
    • Marie Bridget Thompson Malatesta
    • Jack Thompson
    • Margaret "Maudie" Thompson Nicholson
    • Vanessa "Vannie" Thompson Lundgren
    • Charles Thompson
  • Jeremiah (b. 1871), married to Margaret "Bay" Farrell, was my great-grandfather. Children:
    • Gerald Carew
    • Richard M. Carew
    • William Carew
    • John C. Carew
    • Austin V. Carew
    • Angela Carew Gormley
    • Thomas Francis Carew
    • Robert Emmett Carew (1915-1999), married Izalene Carew (five children)
    • Margaret Carew Conway
  • Ann Carew (b. 1877), married Patrick Condon. Children:
    • Patrick
    • Florence
    • Jeremiah
    • Christopher
    • Dolly
  • Little is known of three other children: James, Ross and Miriam.


Here is a slightly outdated list of surnames on my tree. That thing is actually kind of ridiculous. Here are the surnames of my known ancestors:

Via paternal grandfather

My paternal grandfather claims his full name is Rolando Gustavo Alonso Maria Cleofe de los Desamparados de Aguiar Gonzalez de la Vega Nuñez y Villavicencio (?!), which could give us some idea of his paternal matrilines (I think that's right). Though ostensibly Portuguese in origin, Aguiar is an old name in Cuba, appearing in censuses of Santiago de Cuba in the 16th century.

Via paternal grandmother

My grandmother claimed that seven of her eight great-grandparents were born with the primary surname Rodríguez.

Via maternal grandfather

Via maternal grandmother

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