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A White Hat hacker. Also known as Od in the Geni forum

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Work stopped

Geni Logo variations

Testing open source software, posting results here. Please feel free to use :-)


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Family Group

By default, your Family Group consists of all your blood relatives and their current partners (plus your spouse's if you are married).


You can narrow your Family Group by selecting the 'circle of relations' you wish to include.


You can select from the following pre-defined groups for both yourself and any spouses or partners connected to you on the tree:

   -My 5th cousins and closer
   -My 4th cousins and closer
   -My 3rd cousins and closer
   -My 2nd cousins and closer
   -My 1st cousins and closer
   -My immediate family
   -None of my blood relatives

You can invite family members outside of those groups to join your Family Group, by clicking the button labeled ‘Add to Family’ while viewing that individuals Geni profile.

By clicking this button, a confirmation message will be sent to that user.

Once accepted, you both will appear in each other’s Family Group.

If a family member chooses to not include you in their Family Group, they will not be included in your Family Group. Both individuals must have each other selected in order to be in each other’s Family Group.

Members in the Family group can:

  1. see all actions involving (done "to" or "by") another member on the family news page.
  2. see eachothers recent activity log on each others profile as in what changes was made by and to the profiles (If deceased you will see revision history, living you will see recent history)
  3. Share photo albums. Edit/delete and move photos in their albums#
  4. Birthdays and anniversaries displayed on calendar
  5. Birthplace & current location on map
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