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Since this is a Wiki, we should wiki.

Things I like to know, and people should be able to find:

Geni links I don't want to lose:

Stuff I've put on the Wiki:

Enough links for today.

My wishlist

Here's some of what I'd like Geni to add:

  • (DONE) True internationalization, with community help. It's hard, I know, I've tried it :-(
  • (DONE) Source annotation for facts. Source per fact, not just one per profile - with merge, that's not enough (but just a list of sources for each profile, that add together on merge, would help enormously)
  • Support for hypotheses. If we don't know if the father of Sam was Pete or Bill, we should be able to put in "Pete according to source X, but Bill according to source Y"; if we don't know if Karen was born in 1815 or 1825, we should say "1815 according to this record, 1825 according to that record".
  • Map-integrated, user-editable place hierarchies. Many times, sources give origin in terms of farms within a county, the subdivision and country are all assumed - but even the county can be ambiguous. Support for input, and showing it on a map, AND having the map be correct for *that year*, would help enormously in all the geographic data input.
  • Input validataion. If we just said that "a mother has to be > 14 years and < 50 years older than her children, a father has to be alive 9 months before the child's birth", we would make a number of errors impossible to make.
  • (DONE) Date range synthesis, marked as such. If someone's entered as someone else's father, with no dates, he should have marked birth date as "probably 20-60 years before the child's conception" and death date as "after the child's conception". We also have many data items of the type "took over farm X in the year Y" - we know that he was considered an adult at that time, which gives some limits to when he could have been born or died - we should be able to easily enter that. This would be a boon to matching all those people just marked "deceased", and - again - a guard against entering impossibilities.
  • (DONE) (Turn off captchas for registered users!)


Maven Helms says for Maryland issues: "the Miles Files (a MANDATORY resource for genealogical work on the Lower Delmarva) and the Archives of Maryland,"

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