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Master Profiles for Presidents of the United States of America

Master Profiles for the Vice Presidents of the United States of America

Sources Discusses Lincoln's surveying activities in Mercer County, IL., in the 1830's. After his brief stint in the Black Hawk war, he received a commission to survey the future town of New Boston, in Mercer County. One of the founders of the project, Elijah Iles, is supposed to have been Lincoln's commanding officer during the Black Hawk War.

Review of the book "A. Lincoln with Compass and Chain," by Adin Baber The reviewer felt that the author was too adoring of Lincoln and that the book was not properly researched from the surveying standpoint, but mentions that there are genealogies included in the book that do not pertain to Lincoln but to people he worked with. I am hoping to find an archive version of the book that I can download as a PDF.

3. "History of Mercer County, Illinois, 1882" The book can be downloaded as a PDF. Contains biographical matter, statistics, etc., gathered from mattter furnished by the Mercer County Historical Society, interviews with old settlers, county, township and other records, and extracts from files of papers, pamphlets, and such other sources as have been available : containing also a short history of Henderson County (1882)

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