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What is it?

If you have a profile in more than one Tree, Tree merging will allow you to merge these two profiles. If others nodes in the merged trees are duplicated, you will be able to merge these nodes, creating one combined, accurate record of your genealogy using the information in each tree.

This enables the combination of separate Geni trees into a larger tree. (In the future, you will be able to use the GEDCOM import feature to merge your GEDCOM data into an existing family tree on Geni.)

See also Profile merging

Tree merging

Tree Merging extends profile merging by allowing you to merge your profile with a profile on another tree using a request system for the necessary approval.

Later releases will refine these features and implement more complex ones.[1]

Helpful Hints

The order you choose to work on them has a profound affect on other merge issues, and the time it takes to get through them. When merging two entire otherwise identical branches, it was almost always more efficient to start with the youngest generation and work your way backwards in time, progressively toward the ancestors. When you do it in that order, the tool usually lets you take care of entire sets of siblings and their parents at once. But if you start with the parents, the tool usually (maybe always) doesn't know that children with identical names, birth dates and dates of death could possibly be the same person.

GEDCOM Merging into Existing Tree

To complete a merger of your newly created GEDCOM Tree into an existing Geni Tree visit the GEDCOM Merge wiki page for detailed instructions.

Merge Duplicate Geni Trees and Profiles

To do this, simply login to one of your accounts and add the email address for the other. You may do this by selecting Settings and Email and Passwords from the top, right-hand corner of your account page.

You will then be prompted to enter the password for the other account in order to merge the two Trees and Profiles into one. Be sure to have your account passwords handy so that you may complete this in one step. If you don't remember your password a confirmation email will also be sent to the other address from which you may select to merge the accounts by using the link included in that email.

Find Similar Profiles

Using our Matches feature you may view the duplicate Profiles Connected to your Tree above the Actions menu of any profile by selecting '1 match in other Trees' (also available as 'Resolve Duplicates' on a tree node's more menu). We'll use our advanced search technology to find other profiles with similar names and birth and death dates (+/- 4 years) as well as gender. This is a great way to quickly finding duplicates for profiles that have been added to the tree.

Please Keep in Mind

Once you have completed a merge:

  • It cannot be undone
  • Any information which was not selected is erased (i.e. if you chose his 'About Me' information over hers - his will be included and hers will be lost - this is irreversible)
  • Family News information is lost when merging your original OG account into the newer one
  • The Tree Creator status goes to most recently created node/profile (therefore, the name on your Awards page may change)

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