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You may now view a number of statistics compiled using the data entered for the profiles in the Tree along with the previously included Family Awards. Each of the categories below are separated by tabs on the Statisticspage. All users get three Family Group statistics for free (below). Pro Users can view all fifteen statistics in three categories (Family Attributes, Personal Attributes, and Life & Times) for their blood relatives, ancestors and their Family Group. Basic Users may view Family Group Stats only.


Family Attributes

  • Gender Distribution
  • Average Life Expectancy
  • Number of Children
  • Most Common Surnames
  • Married vs. Single
  • Country of Birth

Personal Attributes

  • Current Location
  • Most Common First Names
  • Ethnicity
  • Political Views
  • Languages
  • Religion

Life & Times

  • Age Distribution of Living
  • Oldest & Youngest Living
  • Birth Month

You may use the link located within the bottom of each graph to drill down further.

For instance, this image reflects the Birth Months for someone's Family


Tree Awards

Tree Awards are commendations given to members of a tree for helping to advance that tree. There are 4 Tree Award categories.

You will note the 'Select Tree' drop down menu, located to the right of where it reads, Awards for.... You may use this drop down menu to highlight and select any Tree within your Forest.

Tree Creator The Tree Creator is given to those members that started their own Trees on Geni instead of being invited by another member. Note that larger, merged Trees will have multiple Tree Creators listed.

If there are no claimed profiles in that tree then the Unclaimed profile with the earliest creation date is assigned this award.

Top Profile Adders The Top Profile Adders award is for those who have added the most profiles to a tree, dead or alive.

Top Profile Inviters The Top Profile Inviters award is for those who have entered the most email addresses of family members. The family members invited do not have to claim their profiles for it to count, merely inviting gets you this Award.

Top Photo Uploaders The Top Photo Uploaders award is for those who have uploaded the most photos.

Note: All statistical information is limited to the 5,000 profiles closest to you in the Tree. For pie charts, all slices less than 4% will be combined into the 'Other' distribution.

Statistics are updated at least once a day depending on the number of profiles the stats are calculated for, according to this schedule:

  • 0-100 expires from cache in 5 minutes
  • 101-1000 expires from cache in 30 minutes
  • 1001-5000 expires from cache in 1 day
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