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Translation is the interpretation of the meaning of a text in one language (the "source text") and the production, in another language, of an equivalent text (the "target text," or "translation") that communicates the same message.

Translation must take into account a number of constraints, including context, the rules of grammar of the two languages, their writing conventions, their idioms and the like.

Geni Labs

We are constantly trying to improve our site for our millions of users worldwide. We are excited to reveal Geni Labs and the first of our experiments: Translation. The translator uses Google Translator and you can choose any language to translate the majority of the site (with the exception of the Tree) into any language supported by Google Translator. This is the first step toward real localization and we appreciate any feedback you may have.

If you are familiar with English and fluent in another language, please try to fill out a Translation template. Here are some existing templates, all of which need work:

If your language is not listed, please see How to create a translation page.

Good luck!

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