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You have the ability to merge people within your tree by matching email addresses. To do this, you'll first need to enter an email address for one entry on the tree. If the person does not have email or is deceased, you can use a fake email address. Don't forget to demark the 'invite' checkbox!

Next, enter the second entry for the person, and use the same email address you already used. Don't forget to demark the 'invite' checkbox here as well.

The system will ask you to confirm that this is the same person, and just click "Yes."

If the person is already entered twice on the tree, you'll first need to delete one of those entries, and re-add them. Be careful when deleting the entry, as any information you have entered in that profile will be removed once you have deleted the profile.

If the person was marked dead before you can mark him/her as 'alive' so you can enter the e-mailadress. Once merged you can delete the e-mailadress again and mark the person in question as deceased again.

Find other Geni users searching for the same surname:

See the list of surnames

How people are using the Family Friend feature:

To be added later.

Video Tutorials

How to Get Started on (YouTube video)

How to Upload Photos on (YouTube video)

Long URLs

I have very long hyperlink that ends up getting broken at the '-' character in the About Me box. Also I believe it does this in the Comments area. I do like that you have made http:// come out as hyperlinks automatically, but when linking to a map like this, it will just end up confusing someone that comes across it and clicks on it. Also, a secondary annoyance about this is that these long hyperlinks don't word wrap inside the about me box, and "bleeds" through to the right hand margin and generally looks kind of bad.

long URLs like this can be problematic. You may want to try something like

How do I change my password?

We will ask you to create a permanent password the first time you login. After that, you can change your password at any time on the Settings page.

Inviting People

How do I print the entire tree

I find that it's easier, and much more appropriate, to print a custom version for each person using them as the tree root. I chose a few key people from each path and made them the root of the tree by 'View Tree' on their profile. I printed from there. Do this a few times and you end up with very personalized printouts. It works best because most people think of their relatives from their perspective, using themselves as the root.


If you right-click on the tree page after logging in you can see the current tree build number, such as 'Geni 0.9.09 803d'.

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