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This page is about the country of the Netherlands specifically, and the Dutch people in general.


The Dutch are very well educated with their languages. Most of the Dutch can read and speak in Dutch and English. Also French and German are well educated languages.

Date Format

Most people in the Netherlands currently use a Day, Month, Year notation for most things

  • DD/MM/YY

When a time as well as a date need to be given it in the Netherlands it looks like this:


When written in Dutch the format of the date

  • 18 juni 1984


Broadband internet is widespread. From a newsitem from RTL

Denemarken staat op nummer één. Dat blijkt uit cijfers van het Centraal 
Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS). Nederland telt per juni vorig jaar 
28,8 vaste internetaansluitingen per 100 inwoners. Denemarken daarentegen 
heeft 29,3 aansluitingen per 100 inwoners. Op de derde en vierde plaats 
staan Zuid-Korea (26,4 aansluitingen) en Finland (25 aansluitingen).

It states the Netherlands is the number two worldwide with broadband internet connections. With 29,3 people connected people per 100 inhabitants, Denmark is number one. The Netherlands follow with 28,8 people per 100 inhabitants.

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