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  • Ascendant chart or Pedigree chart - A table depicting an individual and their direct ancestors.
  • Ahnentafel or Sosa-Stradonitz System - One of several numbering systems used to record individuals on a pedigree chart or in list form.
  • Ancestor - A person from whom one is descended.
  • Cousin -
  • Descendant -
  • Descendant chart - A table of a particular individual's descendants.
  • Family History -
  • Family Name or Surname -
  • Family tree - A version of the pedigree chart including all ancestors. With regard to Geni trees the tree may be viewed as a hybrid of the ascendant chart and descendant chart.
  • Given name -
  • Lineage -
  • Parent -
  • Pedigree - A history or background of an individual showing their heritage or class distinction.
  • Progenitor - A parent or ancestor; the originator of a line; the earliest proven ancestor; the person from which all descendants originate.
  • Sibling -
  • Sire - A biological father or male ancestor.
  • Spouse -
  • Vital record - Records of life events kept under governmental authority, including birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death certificates.
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