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Ash, I was just wondering the reasoning for switching the Indian templates, to keep coninuity I think Template:Indian should point to Indian Surnames (and Template:IN should point to Category:Indians), or the other 34 heritage surname subcategories will have to have their Templates switched to 2 letters. --jon.jaques 05:48, 10 August 2007 (PDT)

Jon, first of all, I'm sorry to have created a dilemma by changing something that was set by Geni Team members; eventhough it wasn't the intent. But after it has been done, I don't think it will be a real problem; Indians don't really follow the 'Family Name' concept anyway. You may notice names which appear to be family names, but in most cases they are caste/clan names which are used by thousands of families. So we can't rely on family names to locate a long-lost tree. The varied naming convention is why I haven't chosen to link my own profile to a 'Wilson' family name and added it the Category:Indian Surnames - 'Wilson' is my father's name; and he uses his father's name as the surname.
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