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The translation template is a list of all Geni terms and phrases which must be translated for a given language. It is meant to be exhaustive.

If you are translating for a specific language, please create a template for that language, which includes code like the following:

{{Translation|TEMPLATE NAME|
English Term 1=Translated Term 1


Geni Slogan

Everyone's related undefined



Welcome {{{Welcome}}}
Logout undefined
Settings undefined
Invite undefined
Help undefined
Search name or email undefined
Go undefined



About undefined
Privacy undefined
Forum undefined
Blog undefined
Press undefined
Jobs undefined
Safety undefined
Terms undefined
Help undefined


Geni tabs

My tree undefined
My profile undefined
Photos undefined
Inbox undefined


Geni subtabs

View as tree undefined
List undefined
Index undefined
Calendar undefined
Map undefined
Discussion undefined



Recent albums undefined
My albums undefined
Albums I'm in undefined
Photos of Me undefined
My Favorites undefined



Messages undefined
Inbox undefined
Requests undefined
Saved undefined
Sent undefined


Geni GUI

New undefined
(name)'s tree undefined
Showing x people out of y undefined
Add people undefined
Save & close undefined
Save & continue undefined
or undefined
Cancel undefined


My profile

This is you undefined
View your profile as others see it undefined
Your Profile is undefined
% Complete undefined
Add your schools undefined
Add someone to your tree undefined
Edit your profile undefined
Add or View Photos undefined
View Tree undefined
View List undefined
Edit Profile undefined
About undefined
About me undefined


User stats

User stats undefined
View tree awards undefined
People in My Tree undefined
Added by Me undefined
Ancestor undefined
Ancestors undefined
Descendant undefined
Descendants undefined
Photo added undefined
Photos added undefined



Personal undefined
Appearance undefined
Contact undefined
Home address undefined
Mobile phone undefined
Home phone undefined


User history

User History undefined
Last updated on undefined
Last login on undefined
Joined on undefined
Started family tree undefined


About Me

About Me undefined
Share some things about yourself here. undefined
Height undefined
Ethnicity undefined


Edit Profile

Edit Profile undefined
Edit Basics
Basics undefined
My Basics undefined
Status undefined
Living undefined
Deceased undefined
Name undefined
First name undefined
Middle name undefined
Last name undefined
Suffix undefined
Display name undefined
Email undefined
Current location undefined
Gender undefined
Male undefined
Female undefined
Date of birth undefined
Circa undefined
Send Birthday Reminders undefined
To my family undefined
Place of birth undefined
Birth order undefined
Death undefined
Burial undefined
Languages undefined
Nicknames undefined



Partner undefined
is a undefined
Current spouse undefined
Fiance undefined
Fiancée undefined
Current partner undefined
Late spouse undefined
Ex-spouse undefined
Divorced undefined
Ex-partner undefined
Married on undefined
Married in undefined
Parents undefined



Date undefined
Location undefined
Country undefined
City undefined
State/Province undefined
County undefined
Date of death undefined
Place of death undefined
Date of burial undefined
Place of burial undefined


Contact information

Contact undefined
My Contact undefined
On the web undefined
Phone numbers undefined
Home address undefined
Work address undefined
Add another undefined


Hair color

Hair undefined
Hair color undefined
Black undefined
Blond undefined
Brown undefined
Gray undefined
None undefined
Other undefined
Red undefined


Eye color

Eyes undefined
Eye Color undefined
Amber undefined
Blue undefined
Brown undefined
Gray undefined
Green undefined
Hazel undefined
Other undefined



Religion undefined
Agnostic undefined
Atheist undefined
Baha'i undefined
Buddhist undefined
Catholic undefined
Christian - other undefined
Eastern Orthodox undefined
Greek Orthodox undefined
Hindu undefined
Huguenot undefined
Islam undefined
Jain undefined
Jewish undefined
Mormon undefined
Other undefined
Protestant undefined
Scientologist undefined
Sikh undefined
Taoist undefined
Wiccan undefined


Political views

Political Views undefined
Conservative undefined
Democratic undefined
Green Party undefined
Independent undefined
Indifferent undefined
Liberal undefined
Libertarian undefined
Very Conservative undefined
Very Liberal undefined
Moderate Conservative undefined
Moderate Liberal undefined
Other undefined
Republican undefined



School undefined
Elementary School undefined
Middle School undefined
High School undefined
College/University undefined
Graduate Education undefined



Work undefined
Occupation undefined
Company undefined



Favorites undefined
Interests undefined
Activities undefined
People/Heroes undefined
Cuisines undefined
Quotes undefined
Movies undefined
TV Shows undefined
Music undefined
Books undefined
Sports undefined
On the web undefined
Service undefined
Username undefined
Web address undefined
Phone Numbers undefined
Area code undefined
Phone no undefined
Home Address undefined
Work Address undefined
Street undefined
City undefined
County undefined
State undefined
Postal code undefined



Build your tree with your address book undefined
New undefined
(Name)'s tree undefined
Add People undefined
Navigate undefined
Go to... undefined
Preferences undefined
Family Tree Awards undefined
Family Tree Awards undefined
Tree Creator undefined
Top Profile Adders undefined
Top Profile Inviters undefined
Top Photo Uploaders undefined



Brother undefined
Sister undefined
Mother undefined
Father undefined
Son undefined
Daughter undefined
Half-brother undefined
Half-sister undefined
Stepmother undefined
Stepfather undefined
Stepson undefined
Stepdaughter undefined
Uncle undefined
Aunt undefined
Nephew undefined
Niece undefined
Grandfather undefined
Grandmother undefined
Great grandfather undefined
Great grandmother undefined
Grandson undefined
Granddaughter undefined
Great grandson undefined
Great granddaughter undefined
Husband undefined
Wife undefined
Cousin (male) undefined
Cousin (female) undefined


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