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The translation template is a list of all Geni terms and phrases which must be translated for a given language. It is meant to be exhaustive.

If you are translating for a specific language, please create a template for that language, which includes code like the following:

{{Translation|TEMPLATE NAME|
English Term 1=Translated Term 1


Geni Slogan

Everyone's related



Logout {{{Logout}}}
Settings {{{Settings}}}
Invite {{{Invite}}}
Help {{{Help}}}
Search name or email {{{Search name or email}}}
Go {{{Go}}}



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Geni tabs

My tree {{{My tree}}}
My profile {{{My profile}}}
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Geni subtabs

View as tree {{{View as tree}}}
List {{{List}}}
Index {{{Index}}}
Calendar {{{Calendar}}}
Map {{{Map}}}
Discussion {{{Discussion}}}



Recent albums {{{Recent albums}}}
My albums {{{My albums}}}
Albums I'm in {{{Albums I'm in}}}
Photos of Me {{{Photos of Me}}}
My Favorites {{{My Favorites}}}



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Geni GUI

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Showing x people out of y {{{Showing x people out of y}}}
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Save & continue {{{Save & continue}}}
or {{{or }}}
Cancel {{{Cancel}}}


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About me {{{About me}}}


User stats

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View tree awards {{{View tree awards}}}
People in My Tree {{{People in My Tree}}}
Added by Me {{{Added by Me}}}
Ancestor {{{Ancestor}}}
Ancestors {{{Ancestors}}}
Descendant {{{Descendant}}}
Descendants {{{Descendants}}}
Photo added {{{Photo added}}}
Photos added {{{Photos added}}}



Personal {{{Personal}}}
Appearance {{{Appearance}}}
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Mobile phone {{{Mobile phone}}}
Home phone {{{Home phone}}}


User history

User History {{{User History}}}
Last updated on {{{Last updated on}}}
Last login on {{{Last login on}}}
Joined on {{{Joined on}}}
Started family tree {{{Started family tree}}}


About Me

About Me {{{About Me}}}
Share some things about yourself here. {{{Share some things about yourself here.}}}
Height {{{Height}}}
Ethnicity {{{Ethnicity}}}


Edit Profile

Edit Profile {{{Edit Profile}}}
Edit Basics
Basics {{{Basics}}}
My Basics {{{My Basics}}}
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Deceased {{{deceased}}}
Name {{{Name}}}
First name {{{First name}}}
Middle name {{{Middle name}}}
Last name {{{Last name}}}
Suffix {{{Suffix}}}
Display name {{{Display name}}}
Email {{{Email}}}
Current location {{{Current location}}}
Gender {{{Gender}}}
Male {{{Male}}}
Female {{{Female}}}
Date of birth {{{Date of birth}}}
Circa {{{Circa}}}
Send Birthday Reminders {{{Send Birthday Reminders}}}
To my family {{{To my family}}}
Place of birth {{{Place of birth}}}
Birth order {{{Birth order}}}
Death {{{Death}}}
Burial {{{Burial}}}
Languages {{{Languages}}}
Nicknames {{{Nicknames}}}



Partner {{{Partner}}}
is a {{{is a}}}
Current spouse {{{current spouse}}}
Fiance {{{Fiance}}}
Fiancée {{{Fiancée}}}
Current partner {{{current partner}}}
Late spouse {{{Late spouse}}}
Ex-spouse {{{Ex-spouse}}}
Divorced {{{Divorced}}}
Ex-partner {{{Ex-partner}}}
Married on {{{Married on}}}
Married in {{{Married in}}}
Parents {{{Parents}}}



Date {{{Date}}}
Location {{{Location}}}
Country {{{Country}}}
City {{{City}}}
State/Province {{{State/Province}}}
County {{{County}}}
Date of death {{{Date of death}}}
Place of death {{{Place of death}}}
Date of burial {{{Date of burial}}}
Place of burial {{{Place of burial}}}


Contact information

Contact {{{Contact}}}
My Contact {{{My Contact}}}
On the web {{{On the web}}}
Phone numbers {{{Phone Numbers}}}
Home address {{{Home Address}}}
Work address {{{Work Address}}}
Add another {{{Add another}}}


Hair color

Hair {{{Hair}}}
Hair color {{{Hair color}}}
Black {{{Black}}}
Blond {{{Blond}}}
Brown {{{Brown}}}
Gray {{{Gray}}}
None {{{None}}}
Other {{{Other}}}
Red {{{Red}}}


Eye color

Eyes {{{Eyes}}}
Eye Color {{{Eye Color}}}
Amber {{{Amber}}}
Blue {{{Blue}}}
Brown {{{Brown}}}
Gray {{{Gray}}}
Green {{{Green}}}
Hazel {{{Hazel}}}
Other {{{Other}}}



Religion {{{Religion}}}
Agnostic {{{Agnostic}}}
Atheist {{{Atheist}}}
Baha'i {{{Baha'i}}}
Buddhist {{{Buddhist}}}
Catholic {{{Catholic}}}
Christian - other {{{Christian - other}}}
Eastern Orthodox {{{Eastern Orthodox}}}
Greek Orthodox {{{Greek Orthodox}}}
Hindu {{{Hindu}}}
Huguenot {{{Huguenot}}}
Islam {{{Islam}}}
Jain {{{Jain}}}
Jewish {{{Jewish}}}
Mormon {{{Mormon}}}
Other {{{Other}}}
Protestant {{{Protestant}}}
Scientologist {{{Scientologist}}}
Sikh {{{Sikh}}}
Taoist {{{Taoist}}}
Wiccan {{{Wiccan}}}


Political views

Political Views {{{Political Views}}}
Conservative {{{Conservative}}}
Democratic {{{Democratic}}}
Green Party {{{Green Party}}}
Independent {{{Independent}}}
Indifferent {{{Indiffrent}}}
Liberal {{{Liberal}}}
Libertarian {{{Libertarian}}}
Very Conservative {{{Very Conservative}}}
Very Liberal {{{Very Liberal}}}
Moderate Conservative {{{Moderate Conservative}}}
Moderate Liberal {{{Moderate Liberal}}}
Other {{{Other}}}
Republican {{{Republican}}}



School {{{School}}}
Elementary School {{{Elementary School}}}
Middle School {{{Middle School}}}
High School {{{High School}}}
College/University {{{College/University}}}
Graduate Education {{{Graduate Education}}}



Work {{{Work}}}
Occupation {{{Occupation}}}
Company {{{Company}}}



Favorites {{{Favorites}}}
Interests {{{Interests}}}
Activities {{{Activities}}}
People/Heroes {{{People/Heroes}}}
Cuisines {{{Cuisines}}}
Quotes {{{Quotes}}}
Movies {{{Movies}}}
TV Shows {{{TV Shows}}}
Music {{{Music}}}
Books {{{Books}}}
Sports {{{Sports}}}
On the web {{{On the web}}}
Service {{{Service}}}
Username {{{Username}}}
Web address {{{Web address}}}
Phone Numbers {{{Phone Numbers }}}
Area code {{{Area code}}}
Phone no {{{Phone no}}}
Home Address {{{Home Address}}}
Work Address {{{Work Address}}}
Street {{{Street}}}
City {{{City}}}
County {{{County}}}
State {{{State}}}
Postal code {{{Postal code}}}



Build your tree with your address book {{{Build your tree with your address book }}}
New {{{New}}}
(Name)'s tree {{{(Name)'s tree}}}
Add People {{{Add People}}}
Navigate {{{Navigate}}}
Go to... {{{Go to...}}}
Preferences {{{Preferences}}}
Family Tree Awards {{{Family Tree Awards}}}
Family Tree Awards {{{Family Tree Awards}}}
Tree Creator {{{Tree Creator}}}
Top Profile Adders {{{Top Profile Adders}}}
Top Profile Inviters {{{Top Profile Inviters}}}
Top Photo Uploaders {{{Top Photo Uploaders}}}



Brother {{{Brother}}}
Sister {{{Sister}}}
Mother {{{Mother}}}
Father {{{Father}}}
Son {{{Son}}}
Daughter {{{Daughter}}}
Half-brother {{{Half-brother}}}
Half-sister {{{Half-sister}}}
Stepmother {{{Stepmother}}}
Stepfather {{{Stepfather}}}
Stepson {{{Stepson}}}
Stepdaughter {{{Stepdaughter}}}
Uncle {{{Uncle}}}
Aunt {{{Aunt}}}
Nephew {{{Nephew}}}
Niece {{{Niece}}}
Grandfather {{{Grandfather}}}
Grandmother {{{Grandmother}}}
Great grandfather {{{Great grandfather}}}
Great grandmother {{{Great grandmother}}}
Grandson {{{Grandson}}}
Granddaughter {{{Granddaughter}}}
Great grandson {{{Great grandson}}}
Great granddaughter {{{Great granddaughter}}}
Husband {{{Husband}}}
Wife {{{Wife}}}
Cousin (male) {{{Cousin (male)}}}
Cousin (female) {{{Cousin (female)}}}


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