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Is it West Hollywood or Los-Angeles? The articles on the web do not mention a move.


This page and Meta:About are basically the same page, are they not? I think one should be made dominate and the other redirect to it. I would like this page or one like it (maybe without the punctuation in the article title) to be the dominate Geni about page. Anyone else have any thoughts? --jon.jaques 10:42, 6 September 2007 (PDT)

Not intended to be as such. The Meta:About page is about the the company's product and community (with links to this article and other corporate entities that are important to the project) while this article is intended to introduce the corporate side that provides the product. This will be a helpful article with regard to research and investing. Additionally, assuming the company turns to new markets and services this article will be the source for the company as a whole rather than a single product.
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