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I think in Headers the dutch translation for 'GO' should be 'Zoek'. 'Zoek' is dutch for 'Search', while the current translation 'GA' is dutch for 'Walk' or even 'Go away' :-)

In Footers the term 'Directory' is translated in dutch as 'Folders', which is a correct translation in the context of a File System. But here the english term 'Directory' should be translated in the context of 'a telephone directory' or even 'a database', in this case referring to a large collection or listing of names. There is no one-on-one translation in dutch for the word 'Directory'. A possible translation could be 'Namenlijsten' ('Lists of names').


You are correct. It is just a matter of interpretation. If you mean "start the search", "Zoek" is the correct translation. If you mean "go to", "Ga naar" is the correct translation. The literal translation of "Go" is "Ga", "to go" is "gaan". The term "Directory" could also be translated to "Adressenbestand", meaning a list of adresses. Again depends on the interpretation. The difficulty with these translations is that you are not always aware of the right interpretation.

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