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This page is about the country of Sweden specifically, and the Swedish people in general.


Swedish is the language primarily spoken in Sweden but recognises five minority languages: Sami, Finnish, Meänkieli, Romani and Yiddish. English is a compulsory subject from the first grade in primary school and in general Swedes have good english knowledge thanks to the strong Anglo-American influence and the practice of subtitling rather than dubbing foreign tv shows and movies. The alfabet used is the 26 characters in the basic Latin alphabet and an additional three: å/Å, ä/Ä and ö/Ö. These three letters are not considered to be accents of a and o and are sorted following z in the order åäö. Accents are unusual in Swedish and the most common one is é (e with acute accent).

Internet availability

High-speed Internet is very common in Sweden. Internet users account to approximately 6,890,000 which equals an internet penetration of about 75% according to Internet World Stats

Other things to consider

Only the metric system (SI) is used in Sweden. A person's height will usually be expressed in cm.

Swedish people usually do not include a region/province as part of an address, only street address and city+postal code. The field "State/Province" may be left blank, or filled with one of several possible regional names. If left blank, the state/province should not be filled with "Undefined" by Geni.

Interest in genealogy

Date Format

Sweden is one of few countries that uses the date format specified in ISO 8601.

  • Year, Month, Day (YYYY-MM-DD)
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