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High Priority

1. Birth order & Simplified Data input

2. Adoption. Someone who is adopted will consider their adopted parents with as much love and therefore as much an important part of their family as their birth parents and the same goes for parents with adopted children.

3.Sources. If this is to be a genealogical site which I figure it is trying to be, then there needs to be the abilty to state sources as each piece of information is entered.

4. Documents. This is closely linked with no 3. We need to be able share documents as well as photographs but these need to be easliy read on site.

5.Merging needs to be vastly improved with some kind of way round people who aren't regular or keen users of GENI and end up blocking merges and sometimes aren't even aware. (sometimes they are aware and are being obstroperous)Perhaps some Automatic Merging feature or a hot match feature would help AND Collaboration groups or 'Tree Masters'.

6. Case sensitivity is partly associated with no.5 because many merge conflicts occur if a name is in a mixed case on one profile and capitals in another. Case sensitivity also causes lists, indexes and search results to be split.

7. INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION! Even as an American based site this should be a high priority as most Americans originated from elsewhere in the world. So let us see the translations done by users USED and let's see Geni becoming truly international.

  • Tree Merging & GEDCOM Import [1] [2] [3] [4]
  • Shared Photo Albums --> now possible with events.
  • Family Forum instead of Tree Discussion [5]
  • Advanced Printing Options [6] [7]
  • Inherit values from parent/child nodes (Country, City)
  • Location of birth & death in Adding interface
  • Improving of Flash Add & Edit interface to support typing of "Swe..." and reaching the option for "Sweden"
  • Revision History

Medium Priority

  • Date ranges for all date fields. If the new search engine is going to support before, after, between,etc then we should be able to input data this way as well.
  • Medical history field.
  • News Stories / Notifications should be based on the relationship between the object of the event and the recipient
  • A woman should retain her maiden name when appearing in GENI before her marriage. This means Tom SMITH married Jane SMITH should read Tom SMITH married Jane JONES. At worst it should read the same as in her node's display name i.e. Jane SMITH(JONES)This is particularly important in the Relationships tab if John marries twice and they are both Marys there is no way to tell which is which)
  • Prefixes, suffixes and name modifiers
  • Tree and report printing facilities.
  • Ability to add multiple post-doctoral schools and degrees
  • I'm sure some would consider this as basic (I don't): A Pets Corner. Maybe if it was included there would be fewer bogus profiles putting a strain on GENI resources

Low Priority

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