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Tree Awards are commendations given to members of a Tree for helping to advance that tree.

By default the Tree Awards page will display the awards for your Tree. Any awards that you hold in your Tree will also appear in your User Stats on your Profile.

To view the Awards for a different Tree, use the "Select Tree:" Tree Selector. You can use this drop down menu to view the Awards for any Tree in your Forest.

Awards Categories

There are four Tree Award categories:

Tree Creator

  • The Tree Creator is calculated for each user. There is not one Tree Creator for each connected group, each blood tree, each Family Group, etc. The Tree Creator is calculated for each user's Family Awards page.
  • The Tree Creator for each user is the claimed profile in their connected Family Group with the earliest creation date.

Top Profile Adders

The Top Profile Adders award is for those who have added the most profiles to a tree, dead or alive.

Top Profile Inviters

The Top Profile Inviters award is for those who have entered the most email addresses of family members. The family members invited do not have to claim their profiles for it to count, merely inviting gets you this Award.

Top Photo Uploaders

The Top Photo Uploaders award is for those who have uploaded the most photos.

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