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Slovakia is small country in central Europe (about 5 mil. citizens). It's capital city is Bratislava.


Slovak (86%), Hungarian (9.5%), Roma (1.8%), Czech (0.8%), Ruthenian (0.4%), Ukrainian (0.2%) and German (0.1%).


Brother Brat
Brother-in-law Švagor
Sister Sestra
Sister-in-law Švagriná
Mother Matka
Mother-in-law Svokra
Father Otec
Father-in-law Svokor
Son Syn
Daughter Dcéra
Son-in-law Zať
Daughter-in-law Nevesta
Uncle - father's brother Strýc
Uncle - mother's brother Ujec
Uncle - other Ujo
Aunt - father's brother's wife Stryná
Aunt - mother's brother's wife Ujčiná
Aunt - other Teta
Niece - brother's daughter Neter
Niece - sister's daughter Neter
Nephew - brother's son Synovec
Nephew - sister's son Synovec
Grandmother Stará mama
Grandfather Starý otec
Grandson Vnuk
Granddaughter Vnučka
Great grandson Pravnuk
Great granddaughter Pravnučka
First Cousin - father's brother's son Bratanec
First Cousin - father's brother's daughter Sesternica
First Cousin - mother's brother's son Bratanec
First Cousin - mother's brother's daughter Sesternica
First Cousin - other male Bratanec
First Cousin - other female Sesternica
Other Cousin Bratanec
Wife Manželka
Husband Manžel
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