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I believe I am the only one doing family research on this surname. Please contact me. Jeffdiogenes

Soundex Code S265, Metaphone Code SKRN NameX of provides 21 surnames when Sieggreen entered: -Siegreen, Seigreen, Seagreen, Sieggren, Sieggruen, Seggren, Siegren, Seggeren, Siegruen, Seigren, Siegrun, Segren, Seggern, Sagreno, Seegren, Seagren, Zeggeren, Seagrene, Seagrenn, Shesgreen, Siegruhn

Sieggreen is the accepted/correct Anglicized (English) Spelling. Sieggrün is probably the correct German spelling. I find no other variation in German Phonebooks today. Translates as victory-green. I recall now that my old Lutheran pastor Koke told me that. I thought he was making it up.

I have also seen: I've seen it spelled Seigruhn, Seaggreen, Seagreen, Seagrun, Seiggreen, Seiggruen, Seigruen, Sieggruen, Sieggrun, Siegreen, Siegruen, Siegrun. Most of the time, it's not just a horrible mispelling. Most of the time. :) Soundex Code = S265

Obit Text (SAGINAW COURIER HERALD Friday, March 11, 1904 (3)): Peters - Caroline, wife of William Peters, died at 7 o'clock yesterday morning at the family residence on the Shattuckville road. Mrs. Peters was born December 28, 1828 at Pommertin, Germany, and resided in Carrollton the past 29 years, enjoying the esteem of the entire community. She is survived by her husband, four sons and one daughter by a former marriage. August and William Seagreen of Carrollton, Charles and John Seaggreen of Saginawtown, and Mrs. N. Lemmer of this city, west side; one daughter by the present marriage, Mrs Carl Spickerman of Carrollton. She also leaves 25 grandchildren, two brothers in Chicago, one brother in Minnesota, and one brother and sister who reside in Germany. She was a devoted member of St. Peter's Lutheran church, of Carrollton, from which the funeral will take place Sunday afternoon at 1:30 and at 1 p.m. from the residence. Rev. H. Grimm will officiate. The interment will be in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Emigrated in 1875-1876 to Carrollton, Michigan Cause of death: "Dropsy", 75 years old. Grave: 2 SW. Cor Lot W 1/2 143 Section 12


Looking for information on Christian Seiggruen born 1825 in Stettin, Prussia, Pomerania, Germany. Christian Seiggruen died in 1866 in Stettin. Looking for names of parents, etc. Know he married Caroline Bluhm born Dec 28, 1828, also from Prussia, Pomerania. Germany. Caroline was the daughter of Carl Bluhm.

Also looking for information on Carl Bluhm. born about 1800 in Germany. Carl Bluhm had 4 sons and 2 daughters.

Caroline Bluhm and Christian Seiggruen had 5 children. August, Charles, John, Wilhelmina, and William. After Christian's death in 1866, Caroline married William Peters.

Caroline, William and the 5 Seiggruen children and one Peters child, Frederika immigrated in the USA in 1876, making their way to Carrollton, Michigan. Outside of Saginaw.

Any information on any of these people would be appreciated.

Judy (Seiggruen) Way

---Note: She was the only other person I had found looking for Sieggreen information. Too bad I never contacted her 10 years ago.---

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