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The Serbian language uses both Cyrillic and Latin alphabet. Both have letters specific to Serbian language. Cyrillic is preffered. It is possible to transliterate Cyrillic to Latin using predefined transliteration table as translation rules are simple: each Cyrillic letter has its Latin counterpart.

  • Common character encodings: Windows-1250, Windows-1251, UTF-8. UTF-8 is preferred as it supports both alphabets in the same document.
  • Last name is the same for male and female. It is possible for person to have doubled last name, i.e. female keeps her maiden name and took husbands name too. Example: Slavica Petrović-Stojković where Slavica is first name Petrović is maiden name and Stojković is husbands last name.
  • names are always displayed as firstname lastname.
  • if father's name is displayed with persons name then it is firstname (fathersname) lastname,

Internet availability

Internet is available to everyone: by dialup, ADSL, cable, or wireless.

Interest in genealogy

People mostly do know their origins but knowledge is passed from generation to generation without written records.

Date Format

  • Day. MonthNum. Year. (DD.MM.YY. or DD.MM.YYYY.)
  • Day. Month Year. (DD. MonthName YYYY.)
  • time is always in HH:MM:SS format (hours are in 24h format)

Geni Translation

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To edit these translations, edit the language specific template. To add to the list of available terms, edit the basic translation template. Add country specific terms within the country article.
If there's something you don't understand or need help see How to create a translation page and FAQ:Translation.
ALSO: Remember to check out the Translation Discussion!
Translation note: Do not translate text in CAPITAL LETTERS like NAME, NUMBER etc.

Geni Slogan
Everyone's related Сви су у сродству


Welcome Добродошли
Logout Одјава
Settings Подешавања
Invite Позивница
Help Помоћ
Search name or email претрага по имену или имејлу
Go тражи


About О мени
Privacy Приватност
Forum Форум
Blog Блог
Press Медији
Jobs Посао
Safety Безбедност
Terms Услови
Directory =कोषु
GEDCOM =कुटमरूकवैज्ञानिक सुचनाधारा संवहनोपकरण


Geni tabs
My Tree Мој родослов
My Profile Мој профил
Photos Фотографије
Home =मुखारवॆलॆं पान


Home subtabs
News =सुद्दि
Inbox Поруке
Calendar календар


My Tree subtabs
Tree дрво
List листа
Index индекс
Share =वांटयां
Map мапа
Discussion диксусија


Photos subtabs
All albums =सकड छायाचित्रसंग्रहां
My albums =मगॆलीं/म्हजीं छायाचित्रसंग्रहां
Albums I'm in =हांव आसतलीं छायाचित्रसंग्रहां
Photos of Me =मगॆलीं/म्हजीं छायाचित्रां
My Favorites =मगॆलीं/म्हजीं प्रीतिचीं छायाचित्रां
Organizer =सम्म करयां


Home subpages: News page
Hi, NAME! =यॆंवकार, NAME
Add photos =छायाचित्र ज़ॊडयां
Update Profile =पार्श्वचित्रांतुं नवॆं माहिति बरंवयां
Edit Privacy =एकांता विकल्प संपादित करयां
Invite Family & Friends = कुटमाच्यांक आनि इष्टांक आपंवयां
New on Geni (In English) =जॆनीचॆर नवॆं (अंग्रेजिंतुं)


NOTE: (In English) is not on the News page yet. This text is only here, on the term list, because when the translations are going to be added to Geni, the blog is not going to be translated. It would be way too much work to translate the blog to all languages. Only the big languages like Spanish, French etc. should have a blog in their own language. All others should use the English blog. So, this means that the word "English" in the above term, is not going to be replaced with the name of your own language. You are only suppose to translate the word "English" with what English is called in your own language. Note for languages like French, Spanish, German and other popular/big languages, that this text (In English), might be removed. If you didn't understand all this, write to me on this page: User_talk:Dicito
Family News =कुटमालॆं सुद्दि
filter =सोसु
Me =मगॆल्यॊ/म्हज्यॊ
Family =कुटमाल्यॊ
Show updates by: =सुद्दियॊ दाकंयाति
Keep your family updated. Post your latest news here. =तुमलॆलॆ संबंधियांक तुमगॆलॆ विषयारि सुद्दि दीयाति।
post news =सुद्दि दिंवयां
Today =आयज़
Yesterday =कालि
NAME turns YEARS on DATE. =DATE आक NAME लॆं प्राय YEARS वरसां ज़ातलीं
a moment ago =एक क्षण फूडॆ
Leave a birthday greeting =ज़ायदीसाचॆं शुभाशय सॊडयां
NAME1 invited NAME2 to the Tree. =NAME1 नॆं NAME क वंशरूकारि आपंयलॆं
NAME has a new profile photo. =NAME नॆं आपणालॆं नवॆं छायाचित्र घाललां
You added your relative NAME1, your relative NAME2, and NAME3 and NUMBER others to the Tree. =तुम्मि तुमगॆलॆ संबंधि NAME1, तुमगॆलॆ संबंधि NAME2, आनि NAME3 आनि इतर NUMBERआंक ज़ॊडलॆं
The About Me section of NAME's profile has been updated. =NAMEलॆं ताज्जॆविषयारि पर्श्वचित्र संपादित ज़ाल्लॆं
NAME1 commented in NAME2's guestbook =NAME1 नॆं NAME2 लॆ पांनारि बरंयलॆं
You commented in NAME's guestbook =तुम्मि NAME लॆ पांनारि बरंयलॆं
NAME, NAME and NAME were tagged in NUMBER photos. =NAME, NAME आनि NAME हांका NUMBER छायाचित्रांतुं अंकित कॆल्लां
NAME, NAME and NAME have new profile photos. =NAME, NAME आनि NAME हांनीं आपणालीं नवीं छायाचित्र घाल्लातीं।
NAME, your RELATIVE, accepted NAME's invitation to join the Tree.. =NAME, तुमगॆल RELATIVE, हांनीं NAME2 लॆं कुटमरूकाक जॊडसंवचॆं आमंत्रण स्वीकारलॆं।
Send her a message =तांका संदेश पॆट्टंवयां/धाडयां
Send him a message =तांका संदेश पॆट्टंवयां/धाडयां
Write in her guestbook =तांगॆलॆ मुखारवॆलॆ पांनारि बरंवयां
Write in his guestbook =तांगॆलॆ मुखारवॆलॆ पांनारि बरंवयां
Showing NUMBER1 of NUMBER2 stories =NUMBER2 थांवुनु NUMBER1 काणियॊ दाकंयता
No new messages or requests. =संदेश अथवा आहवाल नाती।
Birthdays & Anniversaries =ज़ायदीस आनि वरसोत्सव
view all =
Welcome to the NAME Family! =NAME कुटमांतुं यॆंवकार!
To get the most out of Geni, we recommend that you: =जॆनी थांवुनु च़ड फायदॆ काडुनु घॆंवच्याक आम्मि शिफारस करताति कि तुम्मि:
Join the NAME tree =NAME कुटमरूकांतुं सामील ज़ांवाति
Build your Family tree =तुमगॆलॆं कुटमरूक घडंयाति
Find more Family and Friends on Geni =जॆनीचॆरि संबंधीं आनि इष्ट सॊदाति
Enter Family birthdays =कुटमसदस्यांगॆलॆं ज़ायदीस घालाति
Complete your profile =तुमगॆलॆं पार्श्वचित्र पुरॆ कराति
You don't have any family news yet. Have you invited your family? =तुमगॆलॆ कुटमालॆं सुद्दि आनिकयि यॆना। तुम्मि तुमगॆलॆ कुटमाक आपंयलां वॆ?
No events in the next month =मुखारवॆलॆ मासांतुं कसलॆं प्रसंग ना।
1 new message १ नवॆं संदेश=
NUMBER new messages =NUMBER नवीं संदेशां


Inbox page and subpages
Messages =संदेशां
Requests =निवेदनां
Saved =राकलॆलीं संदेशां
Sent =पॆट्टंयलॆलीं संदेशां
Send Message =संदेश पॆटंवयां
Sender =पॆट्टंयतलॊ
Subject =विषय
Send Messages =संदेशां पॆटंवयेद
Send =पॆटंवयेद
All =सकड
None =कांयि ना
Mark as Read =वाज़लॆं म्हणयेद
Mark as Unread =वाज़नि म्हणयेद
Unread =वाज़नितिलीं संदेशां
Read =वाज्जिलीं संदेशां
Select =चयन करयां
Move to Saved =राकचॆं पॆट्टियॆंतुं धाडयां
Delete =उडंवचॆं
You have NUMBER pending requests =तुमगॆलीं NUMBER निवेदनां बाकि आस्सति।
There are NUMBER items in your saved messages =राक्किलॆ संदेशांतुं NUMBER बाबत आस्सति
There are NUMBER items in your sent messages =पॆटंयलॆलॆ संदेशांतुं NUMBER बाबत आस्सति
To: =प्रति
Click to add name =नांव घालुक किटि कराति
Add Group =समूह घालाति
Descendants of... =....गॆलीं वंशजां
Immediate Family of... =...गॆलॆ लागिचॆं कुटम
Immediate Family =लागिचॆं कुटम
bigger =आनि व्हॊड
Save as group =समूह म्हुणु संचित कराति
View Message =संदेश पळंयाति
Between NAME1 and NAME2 =NAME1 आनि NAME2 मध्यॆंतुं
Forward =
Forward this conversation to: =हॆं संवाद मुखारसंवचॆं
There are NUMBER items in your inbox =तुमगॆलॆ कागदपॆट्टियॆंतुं NUMBER बाबत आस्सति


Calendar page
include deceased =अंतरलॆलॆ जनांक धरुनु
NUMBER1 birthdays & NUMBER2 anniversaries for Family =कुटमांतुं NUMBER1 ज़ायदीसां आनि NUMBER2 वरसोत्सवां


My Tree subpages: Geni Flash Interface Tree / Tree
NAME's tree =NAME लॆं रूक


Tabs at the bottom
Navigate =निदर्शन
Go to... =वच्च्यां
Preferences =प्रीति आश्शिलॆं


Go to... tab
This list shows the people visible in the tree above. =हॆं वंशरूक वयरलॆ जनांक दाकंयता।
Click on any name to go to that person's position in the tree. =खंचॆय नांवारि किटिकिटि करुनु वंशरूकारि त्या मुशालॆं स्थान पळंयंति।


Preferences tab
Display =दिसचॆं
Names =नांवां
Advanced =सुधारलॆलॆं
Ancestors to display =दाकंवचॆक पूर्वज़ां
All generations =सकड वंशज
NUMBER generations =NUMBER वंशज
Direct ancestors only =सीदॆ पूर्वज़ मात्र
Tree layout =रूक दाकंवचॆं विन्यास
Standard =प्रमाणित
Vertical =सीधॆ
Photos Only =छायाचित्र मात्र
Names Only =नांव मात्र
Layout options =दाकंवचॆं विन्यासा विकल्प
Show photos =छायाचित्र दाकंवयेद
"Flip" nodes =
Click to "flip" nodes ="हॊडॆ/Flip" गॆण्णा खात्तिरि किटिकिटि करयेद।
Show yellow arrows =हळदुवीं बाणां दाकंवयेद
Show email prompt =ईमेल प्रोत्साहक दाकंवयेद
Center single parents =ऎकळॆ पलकांक मध्यांतुं हाडयेद
Mark deceased =अंतरचॆं चिह्न लांवयेद
Neutral color backgrounds =पृष्ठभाग समान बण्णाचॆं करयेद
Name preferences =नांवा प्रीति
Do not display maiden names =कुळारालीं नांवां नाकाति
Maiden name appended, in parentheses =कुळारालीं नांवां गोलाभिवारांतुं ज़ाय
Maiden name instead of last name, in CAPS =आडनांवा बदलाक कुळारा नांव CAPS आंतुं ज़ाय
Maiden name instead of last name =आडनांवा बदलाक कुळारा नांव ज़ाय
Ignore display name =दर्शयलॆ नांवारि ध्यान दींवनाका
Show suffixes =प्रत्यय पळंवयेद
Show middle name =मध्यनांव पळंवयेद
Minimum font size =बरपालॆं उुणावत आकार
Maximum font size =बरपालॆं च़डावत आकार
Rendering quality =गुणवत्तॆ
High quality =च़डगुणवत्तॆ
Medium quality =मध्यमगुणवत्तॆ
Low quality =ऊणगुणवत्तॆ
Show tray on rollover =पलटंवचॆ वॆळारि ट्रे दाकंवयेद
Restore all of your preferences to their defaults by pressing the button below. =विकल्पां फूडॆ आश्शिलॆ म्हणकॆ करूक तोग्गुवॆलॆ/सकलचॆं गुब्बि दाबाति
Restore defaults =विकल्पां फूडॆ आश्शिलॆ म्हणकॆ कराति


View NAME's tree =NAME लॆं वंशरूक पळंयाति
See more of NAME's family tree =NAME लॆं वंशरूकालीं अन्य भागां पळंयाति
Expand your tree to full screen =तुमगॆलॆं वंशरूक पूरा गणकयंत्रपटलारि पतलंवयेद
Edit NAME's basic information =NAME लॆं तळा माहितिलॆं संपादन करूक
View NAME's profile =NAMEलॆं पार्श्वचित्र पळंवयां
a cycle occurs when the same person appears more than once in your tree (for example, when two sisters marry to brothers) =सुत्तुक्रम तावळ ज़ाता कॆदॊळ एक मनुश तुमगॆलॆ वंशरूकारि दोन विंगड स्थानांचॆरि यॆता (उदा. कॆदोळ दोन भयिणियॊ विंगड कुटमालॆ दोन भावांओट्टु वरडिक/काज़ार करताति।
Click to add a sibling or a spouse =बाम्मुण/दारलॊ-बायिल आथवा भावंड ज़ॊडुक किटिकिटि करयां


New =नवॆं
Add people =जनांक आपंवयां
Save & close =राकुन बंद करयेद
Save & continue =राकुन मुखार सरयेद
or =अथवा
Cancel Поништи
View =पळंवयेद
Profile =पार्श्वचित्र
Add =ज़ॊडयेद
sibling or spouse =भावंड अथवा बाम्मुण-बायिल
child =चॆरुडुवां
Edit information =माहिति संपादित कराति
View profile =पार्श्वचित्र पळंयाति
More =आनि च़ड माहिति
Create a cycle =क्रम तैयार करयां
Close =बंद कराति
Add Brother =भावु जॊडयां
Add Sister =भयिणि ज़ॊडयां
Add Wife =बायिल ज़ॊडयां
Add Husband =बाम्मुण/दारलॊ ज़ॊडयां
Add Son =पूत ज़ॊडयां
Add Daughter =दूव ज़ॊडयां
partner, ex-wife... =सांगाति, माजि-बायिल...
partner, ex-husband... =सांगाति, माजि-बाम्मुण...


Wizard: Create a cycle
Cycles =सुत्तुक्रम
remove =काडयां
What's a cycle? =क्रम म्हणलॆरि कलॆं/कितॆं/कसनॆं
A cycle occurs then the same person appears more than once in your tree (for example, when two sisters marry two brothers). To create a cycle, drag the node onto the second person to whom he or she is related. =सुत्तुक्रम तावळ ज़ाता कॆदॊळ एक मनुश तुमगॆलॆ वंशरूकारि दोन विंगड स्थानांचॆरि यॆता (उदा. कॆदोळ दोन भयिणियॊ विंगड कुटमालॆ दोन भावांओट्टु वरडिक/काज़ार करताति। सुत्तुक्रम घडंवचॆक त्या मनुशा पयलॆ गॆण्णु ताणुनु दुसरॆ गॆण्णारि दवंराति
Remove this cycle? =हॆं सुत्तुक्रम काडचॆं वॆ?
Removing this cycle will only remove it from the tray. You can always drag it back here later. =हॆं सुत्तक्रम काडलॆरि तॆं ट्रे थांवुनु मात्र वत्तलॆं। तुमकां हॆं सुत्तुक्रम वापस घडवुक ज़ात्तलॆं।
or =अथवा
Husband or partner =बाम्मुण अथवा सांगाति
Wife or partner =बायिल अथवा सांगाति
They're the same person =हीं एकचि व्यक्तिविशेष आस्सति


Wizard: Building tree from address book
Build your tree from your address book =वीज़कागद सेवॆलॆ विळासपांना थांवुनु वंशरूक तैयार करयां
Access your address book to select relatives to add to your tree. =नातलगांगॆलॆं चयन करूक वीज़कागद सेवॆलॆ विळासपांनारि प्रवेश कराति।
Geni will not save your password, and we will never email anyone without your direct consent. =जॆनी तुमगॆलॆ गुट्टु-ऊत्र राकुन दवंरना आनि तुमगॆलॆ अनुमति नात्तिलॆरि कॊणांकय तुमगॆलॆ वीज़कागदा विळासा थांवुनु कागद पॆटंयना।
Your email address =तुमगॆलॆ वीज़कागदा विळास
Your email password =तुमगॆलॆ वीज़कागदा गुट्टु-ऊत्र
Don't see your email provider? =तुमगॆलॆ वीज़कागदसेवॆदार दिसना वॆ?
Back to your unconnected people =असंबद्ध जनां यादिक वापस वच़ाति
Showing NUMBER Contacts =NUMBER जन संपर्कांतुं
Email Contacts =संपर्कांतुं आश्शिल्यांक वीज़कागद पॆटंयात
Select the family members in your address book =वीज़कागद सेवॆलॆ विळासपांना थांवुनु कुटमसदस्यांगॆलॆ चयन कराति
Choose another address book =दुसरॆ वीज़कागद विळासपांनालॆं चयन कराति
*No one will be invited until you put them in your tree =* वंशरूकारि घालनि सरिकॆ जनांक आपंवचॆक ज़ायना।
Selected family =चयन कॆल्लॆलॆं कुटम
Already in your tree =पयलॆधरुनु तुमगॆलॆ वंशरूकारि आसा
Already on Geni =पयलॆधरुनु जॆनीचॆरि आसा
You've imported X relative to your family tree. =तुम्मि X नातलगाक तुमगॆलॆ वंशरूकारि हाडलॆ।
To place them in your tree, drag and drop them onto their closest family member. =तांका तुमगॆलॆ वंशरूकारि हाडुक तांका ताणुनु तांगॆलॆ निकटतम कुटमसदस्या लागि दवंराति।
Drag and Drop Relatives =सदस्यांक ताणुनु दवंराति
Unconnected People (X) =असंबद्ध जन (X)
Drag their node onto a direct relative. =तांगॆलॆ गॆण्णु तांका लागि लॆकतलॆ कुटमसदस्याचॆरि दवंराति।
Edit info =माहिति संपादित कराति
Add more =च़ाड माहिति घालाति


Viewing small part of profile (Not available in Standard Tree View.)
Born DATE in COUNTRY =COUNTRY आंतुं DATE तारकॆरि ज़ायिदीस
Living in COUNTRY =COUNTRY आंतुं राबता
Occupation Занимање
User History =प्रयोजन करतल्यालॆं इतिहास
Last updated on =कडेचॆं संपादन
Last login on =कडेचॆं व्यवहार
Joined on =सामिल ज़ांवचॆं तारीक
Added to family tree by NAME =NAME द्वारा वंशरूकरि ज़ॊडलॆं
Started family tree =वंशरूक घडंवचॆं सूरु कॆल्लॆं


"Welcome to the tree" message boxes (First time using the tree only)
Now add your parents =आतां तुमगॆलॆ आवुसबापसुक ज़ॊडाति
Click inside the blue and pink boxes. =निळॆं आनि गुलाबि चतुष्कोणारि किटिकिटि कराति।
Click to drag and move this out of the way. =वाटे थांवुनु हालंवचॆक किटिकिटि करुनु ताणाति।
back =माक्षि
Click The Arrows To Add Relatives =संबंधि जॊडुक बाणारि किटिकिटि कराति
You can add siblings, spouses, and children. =भावंड, बाम्मुणबायिल आनि चॆरुडुवां जॊडयेद।
Move Around Your Tree =वंशरूक सकड दीकां थांवुनु पळंवचॆक
Use the arrow controls, or just click and drag anywhere on the family tree. =बाणनियंत्रक गुब्बिलॆं प्रयोजन करयेद अथवा किटिकिटि करुनु वंशरूक खंचॆय दीकानॆं ताणयेद।
Click Names To View Profiles =नांवारि किटिकिटि करुनु पार्श्वचित्र पळंयाति
Click the My Profile Tab to view and edit your profile. =आपणालॆं पार्श्वचित्र पळंवचॆक आनि संपादित करचॆक "मगॆलॆं/म्हजॆ पार्श्वचित्र" विक्षेपार किटिकिटि कराति।
Invite Your Family =तुमगॆलॆ संबंधियांक आपंयाति
Add your family's emails, so they can help complete your tree. =तुमगॆलॆ कुटमरूक वाडंवचॆक मदत हेतु संबंधियांगॆलीं वीज़कागदा विळास घालाति।


List of NAME's Tree =NAME लॆं कुटमरूकालॆं यादि
Showing NUMBER1 people out of NUMBER2 in: =NUMBER2 जनां धकुनु NUMBER1 जन दाकंयतऽसा, हांतुं:
See: new additions / new members =नव्यॊ ज़ॊडणियॊ/नवीं सदस्यां पळंवयां
Sort by: =तोग्गुवॆलॆ माहिति अनुसार विंगड करयेद:
Relation =संबंध
Added by =जॊडतलॊ/ज़ॊडतलि
Action =कृति अनुसार
Son of =कॊणालॊ पूत, हाज्जॆ अनुसार
Daughter of =कॊणालि दूव, हाज्जॆ अनुसार
Brother of =कॊणालॊ भाव, हाज्जॆ अनुसार
Sister of =कॊणालि भयिणि, हाज्जॆ अनुसार
Wife of =कॊणालि बायिल, हाज्जॆ अनुसार
Husband of =कॊणालॊ बाम्मुण, हाज्जॆ अनुसार
Mother of =कॊणालि आवुसु, हाज्जॆ अनुसार
Father of =कॊणालॊ बापुसु, हाज्जॆ अनुसार
View Tree =कुटमरूक पळंवयेद
View List =यादि पळंवयेद
Remove from Family group =कुटमसमूहा थांवुनु काडयेद
Add to Family group =कुटमसमूहांतुं ज़ॊडयां
deceased =अंतराळ ज़ाल्लॆं
My Family =मगलॆं कुटम
My Blood Relatives =रगतसंबंधि
My Inlaws =सासरचीं
My Ancestors =पूर्वज़
My Descendants =वंशज़
My Blood Relatives =रगतसंबंधि
Recently Added List =नवॆंचि जॊडलॆलांगॆलॆं यादि
Recently Joined List =नवॆंचि सामिल ज़ाल्लॆलांगॆलॆं यादि
Recently Modified List =नवॆंचि संपादित यादि
Invited By Me =हांवॆं आपंयलॆलीं जन
Invited By My Family =मगलॆ कुटमानॆं आपंयलॆलीं जन
Added by Me =हांवॆं ज़ॊडलॆलीं
Previous =फुडलॆं


Index of Last Names =अडनांवांगॆलॆं अनुक्रमणिकॆ
NUMBER1 people with NUMBER2 family names =NUMBER2 आडनांवां आश्शिलीं NUMBER1 जन
"LASTNAME" in My Tree =मगॆलॆ कुटमरूकांतुं "LASTNAME"
Showing NUMBER1 of NUMBER2 people =NUMBER2 धकुनु NUMBER1 जन दाकंयता


NUMBER1 out of NUMBER2 Family and Friends mapped by =NUMBER2 धकुनु NUMBER1 संबंधीं आनि इष्टांगॆलॆ निम्न वर्गिकरण कॆल्लां
current location =आतांचॆं स्थळ
place of birth Место рођења
NUMBER family members missing on this map =या कुटमरूका थांवुनु NUMBER सदस्यां व्हॊगाण
You =तुम्मि
Living Relatives =जीवित नातलग
Deceased Relatives =अंतरलॆलीं नातलग
Inlaws =सासरचीं
Friends =इष्टां
Put Your Relatives on The Map =तुमगॆलॆ नातलगांक नकाशॆरि घालाति
add =ज़ॊडमाहिति
Place of burial =दाहसंस्कारा स्थान
Current location Тренутна адреса
Add location for NAME =NAME खातिरि स्थान ज़ॊडाति


Leave a comment here for your entire Tree to read =कुटमरूका सदस्यांनीं वाज़ुक हांगा संदेश सॊडाति
Enter your comment here =तुमगॆलॆ संदेश हांगा बरंयाति
Leave Comment =संदेश हांगा सॊडाति


Share and subpages
Share your tree =कुटमरूक वांटाति
Use these options to share your tree with family and friends. =संबंधि आनि इष्टां ओट्टु वांटुक या विकल्पांगॆलॆं प्रयोजन कराति।
Invite your family =आपणालॆ कुटमाक आपंयाति
Invite your family to join, edit and contribute to your tree. =आपणालॆं कुटमरूकांतुं सामिल ज़ांवुक, संपादित करुक आनि सहाय्या खात्तिरि संबंधियांक आपंयाति
Invite Позивница
Invite Your Family and Friends to Geni =संबंधियांक आनि इष्टांक जॆनीचॆरि आपंयाति
Invitation History =आमंत्रणांगॆलॆं वृत्तांत
Invite Your Family and Friends =संबंधियांक आनि इष्टांक आपंयाति
Invited By Me =हांवॆं आपंयलॆलीं
Invited By My Family =मगॆलॆ कुटमानॆं आपंयलॆलीं
There have not been any invitations sent. Click here to invite others to your tree. =आपणालॆं कुटमरूकारि अन्य जनांक आपंवच्याक हांगा किटिकिटि कराति।
NUMBER1 of NUMBER2 people who have been: =NUMBER2 धकुनु NUMBER1 जन, कॊणांक:
Invited By Me =हांवॆं आपंयलॆं
Invited By My Family =मगॆलॆ कुटमानॆं आपंयलॆं
Date Invited =आपंवचॆं तारीक
Status Статус
Has responded to your invitation. =तुमगॆलॆ आमंत्रणाक ज़वाब दिल्लां।
Has not responded to your invitation. =तुमगॆलॆ आमंत्रणाक ज़वाब दीनि।
Has not responded to invitation from NAME. =NAMEलॆं आमंत्रणाक ज़वाब दीनि।
Remind =उगडास करंवयां
Web Email =वीज़कागद
Easily build your tree from your address book and invite your close friends. =वीज़कागद सेवॆलॆ विळासा थांवुनु ससारायेनॆं तुमगॆलॆं कुटमरूक घडंवुनु इष्टांक आपंयाति।
Email Applications =वीज़कागदालीं प्रयोजन
Upload a contact file below and Geni will securely import your contacts. Read how to create a contact file here. =तोग्गु/सकल ऎकळॆ संपर्कसंचिकॆ (contacts-file) घालाति आनि जॆनी जाग्रतेनॆं तुमगॆलीं संपर्कां घॆत्तलॆं। संपर्कसंचिकॆ तैयार करचॆं पद्धति हांगा पळंयाति।
Contact File: =संपर्कसंचिकॆ:
Add Emails: =वीज़कागदविळास ज़ॊडाति:
separate email addresses with commas =अल्पविराम (,) द्वारा वीज़कागदविळासां विंगड कराति
Email your tree =तुमगॆलॆं कुटमरूक पॆटंयाति
Embed your tree =कुटमरूकाक खॊंवयां
Send this URL to share a limited read-only view of your tree: =तुमगॆलॆ कुटमरूकालॆं मर्यादित "वाज़चॆं मात्र" रूप दाकंवुक हॆं एकरूप संसाधन सोदक जॊडणि (URL) पॆटंयाति
Embed a limited view of your tree on a social networking site (Facebook, MySpace, etc.), your blog, or your own site. =(फ़ेसबुक, मैंडस्पेस, इ.) अंतरज़ाळावयिरलॆ सामाजिक ज़ाळिज़ागॆंचॆरि, ( ब्लॊगस्पॊट, वर्डप्रॆस, इ.) अंतरज़ाळ बरपस्थळांचॆरि आथवा आपणालॆ ज़ाळिज़ागॆरि घालाति।
GEDCOM is a standard file format for genealogical information. =वंशरूकवैज्ञानिक सुचनाधारा संवहनोपकरण (GEDCOM) वंशवैज्ञानिक माहिति खातिरि ऎकळॆ प्रमाणित प्रारूप आसा।
GEDCOM Export =GEDCOM भायॆर पॆटंवचॆं
Preview or configure your shared tree view. =तुम्मि वांटतलॆं कुटमरूकालॆं स्वरूप पळंवुनु घॆंवुनु संपादित कराति।
To join this tree, please ask NAME to send you an invitation. =या कुटमरूकांतुं सामिल ज़ांवच्याक दयॆ करुनु NAME क तुमकां आमंत्रण पॆटंवच्याक सांगाति।
Configure your shared tree =तुमगॆलॆं कुटमरूक संपादित कराति
Create a limited read-only view of your tree to share with family and friends outside of Geni. =जॆनी भायॆरलॆं संबंधि आनि इष्टां ओट्टु वांटुक तुमगॆलॆ कुटमरूकालॆं मर्यादित "पळंवचॆं मात्र" स्वरूप तैयार कराति।
Preview =पळंवुनु घॆयाति
You can drag your tree and change the zoom level. =कुटमरूकाक इच्छेनुसार ताणयेद आनि सान-व्हॊड करयेद।
Share this link: =हॆं ज़ॊडणि वांटाति:
If you no longer wish to share your tree, you can deactivate your link below. You can create a new link at any time. =तुमकां कुटमरूक वांटचॆं नासलॆरि तोग्गुवॆलॆं/सकलचॆं ज़ॊडणि बंद करयेद. मागिरि ज़ाय तावळ वापस च़ालु करयेद।
Deactivate this shared tree view =कुटमरूका वांटचॆं स्परूप बंद करयेद
Customize =नियोजन
optional =वैकल्पिक
Tree type =कुटमरूका स्वरूप
Pedigree view (direct ancestors only) =वंशावळि स्वरूप (आपणालीं पितर मात्र)
Immediate family =लागिचॆं कुटम
Immediate family and pedigree view =लागिचॆं कुटम आनि वंशावळि स्वरूप
Extended tree (first cousins) =विस्तारित कुटमरूक (पयलीं बापुल-मावस भावंड
Display type =स्वरूप
Standard =प्रमाणित
Vertical =उबॆं
Photos Only =छायाचित्रां मात्र
Names Only =नांवां मात्र
more =च़ड
less =ऊणॆ
Size =
Small (300x250) =सान (३००x२५०)
Medium (375x300) =मध्यम (३७५x३००)
Large (600x400) =व्हॊड (६००x४००)
Tall (600x800) =दीग (६००x८००)
go тражи
Custom =इच्छॆनुसार
Name display =नांवालॆं स्वरूप
First name and last initial (Jane S.) =नांव आनि अडनांवा अक्षर (जेन सि.)
First name only (Jane) =नांव मात्र (जेन)
Options =विकल्पां
Hide surnames of deceased direct ancestors =आपणालॆ अंतरलॆलॆ पूर्वज़ांगॆलीं आडनांवां निप्पंवका
Hide own children under 18 =१८ वरसांपशिनॆं ऊणॆं प्राय आश्शिलॆ चॆरुडुवांक निप्पंवयेद
Hide profile photos =व्यक्तिविवरण छायाचित्रां निप्पंवयेद
Mark deceased =अंतराळ चिह्न घालयेद
Privacy Information =एकांताविषयारि माहिति
Once you publish your tree, we can no longer guarantee the privacy of the data displayed. We caution you to consider the privacy of your family members when sharing your tree. =रूक प्रकाशित कॆल्लॆरि एकांतालॆं आश्वासन दिंवच्याक ज़ायना। कुटमरूक वांटचॆफूडॆ कुटमसदस्यांगॆलॆ एकांताविषयारि जाग्रत ज़ांवाति।
What we guarantee: =आम्मि इतलॆं आश्वासन दित्ताती कि
You choose where to display your shared tree. =तुमगॆलॆ कुटमरूक खंय दिसका हॆं तुमगॆलॆं मात्र निर्णय।
Your shared tree cannot be edited by anyone. =तुमगॆलॆ कुटमरूकालॆं संपादन कॊणांक करुक ज़ायना
Other branches of your tree are not accessible. =तुमगॆलॆ कुटमरूकालीं अन्य शाखां इतरांक दुर्लभ आस्सति।
Only publicly viewable profile photos are shown. =व्यक्तिविवरणालीं छायाचित्रां मात्र पळंवच्याक मॆळताति।
Additional profile information is not shown. =च़ड पार्श्वचित्रा माहिति पळंच्याक मॆळना
Last names are not shown unless you choose to display them for deceased direct ancestors (starting with your grandparents). =(आज्जॊ) थांवुनु, तुमगॆलॆ इच्छॆ नातिलॆरि, आडनांवां दाकंयनाति।
Minors are not shown unless you choose to show your own children. =तुम्मि चयन करनातिलॆरि अल्पप्रायालॆ चॆरुडुवांक दाकंयनाति।
You can deactivate your shared tree at any time. =तुम्मि तुमगॆलॆ वांटलॆलॆ कुटमरूक कॆदनाय बंद करयेद।
GEDCOM is a standard file format used to save, transfer, and transport genealogical information. Exporting a GEDCOM file will allow you to save your Geni family tree to your own computer. When you click the button below, we will generate your GEDCOM file and send you a link to download it. =वंशरूकवैज्ञानिक सुचनाधारा संवहनोपकरण<वं.सु.सं.> (GEDCOM) वंशवैज्ञानिक माहिति, राकुक, आदानप्रदान करुक आनि व्हांवच्याक ऎकळॆ प्रमाणित प्रारूप आसा। वं.सु.सं. संचिकॆ भायॆर पॆटंयलॆरि तुमकां कुटमरूक आपणालॆ गणकयंत्रारि राकुक ज़ातलॆं। कॆदॊळ तुम्मि तोग्गुवॆलॆ/सकलचॆं गुब्बि किटिकिटि करतलीं, आम्मि तुमगॆलॆ वं.सु.सं.संचिकॆ तैयार करुनु तुमकां, राकुक ऎकळॆ ज़ॊडणि पॆटंयतलीं।
Export My GEDCOM File =मगॆलॆं वं.सु.सं. पॆटंययाति


My Profile subpages: Viewing profile
This is you =हॆं तुम्मि आस्सति
View your profile as others see it =इतरांक दिसता तश्शि आपणालॆं पार्श्वचित्र पळंयाति
Your Profile is =पार्श्वचित्र पूर्णतॆ
% Complete =% पूर्ण
Add your schools =शालॆ घालाति
Add someone to your tree =ऎकळ्याक तुमगॆलॆ कुटमरूकार ज़ॊडाति
Edit your profile =विवरण संपादित कराति
Add or View Photos =छायाचित्र घालाति अथवा पळंयाति
View Tree =कुटमरूक पळंयाति
View List =यादि पळंयाति
Edit Profile =विवरण संपादित कराति
About me О мени
This is your profile as others see it. =इतरांक दिसता तश्शि आपणालॆं पार्श्वचित्र


User stats
User stats =प्रयोजन करतल्यालॆ विश्लेषण
View tree awards =कुटमरूकालीं प्रशस्त जन
People in My Tree =मगॆलॆ कुटमरूकांतुलीं जन
Added by Me = हांवॆं ज़ॊडलॆलीं
Ancestor =पूर्वज़
Ancestors =पूर्वज़ां
Descendant =वंशज़
Descendants =वंशज़ां
Photo added =छायाचित्र घाललॆं
Photos added =छायाचित्रां घाललीं
Family Tree Awards =कुटमरूक प्रशस्ति
Tree Creator =कुटमरूक निर्माणकर्ता
Top Profile Adders =मस्त पार्श्वचित्र घालतलीं
Top Profile Inviters =मस्त पार्श्वचित्र आपंयतलीं
Top Photo Uploaders =मस्त छायाचित्र घालतलीं


Personal =वैयक्तिक
Appearance =दिसणॆं
Contact Контакт
Home address Кућна адреса
Mobile phone =निष्तंत्रि
Home phone =घरा दूरवाणि


User history
User History =प्रयोजन करतल्यालॆं इतिहास
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About Me
Share some things about yourself here. =तुमगॆलॆ विषयारि चिकॆ माहिति दीयाति।
Height Висина
Ethnicity Националност


Editing Profile and information
Edit Basics =तळामाहिति संपादित करचॆं
Basics Основно
My Basics =मगलॆं तळामाहिति
Status Статус
Living живећи(а)
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Name Име
First name Име
Middle name =मध्यालॆं नांव
Last name Презиме
Suffix суфикс
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Email Имејл
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Birth order =ज़ायिक्रम
Death Смрт
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Languages Језици
Nicknames Надимци
Unknown =गॊत्तु ना
Only child =ऎकळॆ चॆरुडु
born first =पयलॆज़ायि
born second =दुसरॆज़ायि
born third =तिसरॆज़ायि
born fourth =च़वतॆज़ायि
born fifth =पांच़वॆज़ायि
born sixth =सहवॆज़ायि
born seventh =सातवॆज़ायि
born eighth =आटवॆज़ायि
born ninth =नववॆज़ायि
born tenth =धावॆज़ायि
born eleventh =इरकवॆज़ायि
born twelfth =बारवॆज़ायि
born thirteenth =तॆरवॆज़ायि
born fourteenth =च़वदवॆज़ायि
born fifteenth =पंदरवॆज़ायि
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born seventeenth =सतरवॆज़ायि
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born twentieth =वीसवॆज़ायि
This person does not have email =या मनुशा लागि वीज़कागदविळास ना।
This person is deceased =हीं मनुश अंतरलीं


Hair color
Hair Коса
Hair color =कॆंसा बण्ण
Black =काळॆ
Blond =भांरगाशॆ
Brown =पुड्याबण्णाशॆं
Gray =राकशॆं
Other =अन्य
Red =तांबडॆं


Eye color
Eyes Очи
Eye Color =दॊळां बण्ण
Amber =माज्जरशॆं
Blue =निळॆं
Green =पाचुवॆं
Hazel =हलकॆ पाचुवॆं


Religion Религија
Agnostic =नास्तिक
Atheist =निरीश्वरवादि
Baha'i =बाहाऽय
Buddhist =बौद्ध
Catholic =क्रिस्तांव- रोमि सर्वत्रिक
Christian - other =क्रिस्तांव - अन्य
Eastern Orthodox =क्रिस्तांव - उदेंति शास्त्रसंमत
Greek Orthodox =क्रिस्तांव - युनानि शास्त्रसंमत
Hindu-Smartha =हिंदु - स्मार्त
Hindu-Vaishnava =हिंदु - वैष्णव
Hindu-Shaiva =हिंदु - शैव
Hindu-Shaktya =हिंदु - शक्त्य
Hindu-Agnostic =हिंदु - नास्तिक
Hindu-Atheist =हिंदु - निरीश्वरवादि
Hindu-Advaita =हिंदु - अद्वैत
Hindu-Yogic =हिंदु - योग
Hindu-Other =हिंदु - अन्य
Huguenot =हुगुवॆनॊत
Islam-Sunni =इसलाम - सुन्नि
Islam-Shia =इसलाम - शिया
Jain =जैन
Jewish =यहूदि
Mormon =मॊरमॊन
Protestant =विरोधक इगरजॆ
Scientologist =विज्ञानज़ाणि
Sikh =सीख
Taoist =ताववादि
Wiccan =विकाधर्मि


Political views
Political Views Политичко опредељење
Conservative = सांप्रदायिक
Democratic =प्रजातांत्रिक
Green Party =पर्यावरणवादि
Independent =स्वच्छंद
Indifferent =उदासीन
Liberal =उदारवादि
Libertarian =व्यक्तिस्वातंत्र्यवादि
Very Conservative =मस्त सांप्रदायिक
Very Liberal =च़ड व्यक्तिस्वातंत्र्यवादि
Moderate Conservative =मध्यम सांप्रदायिक
Moderate Liberal =मध्यम व्यक्तिस्वातंत्र्यवादि
Republican =गणतंत्रवादि


School =शालॆ
Elementary School Основна школа
Middle School Средња школа
High School Виша школа
College/University Факултет
Graduate Education =स्नातक शिकवण


Work Посао
Company =आस्थापनॆ


Contact information
My Contact Моји контакт подаци
On the web На вебу
Work address Адреса на послу
Add another Додај адресу


Favorites Омиљено
Interests Интересовања
Activities АКтивности
People/Heroes Људи / Идоли
Cuisines Родбина
Quotes Цитати
Movies Филмови
TV Shows ТВ емисије
Music Музика
Books Књиге
Sports Спортови
Service сервис
Username корисничко име
Web address веб адеса
Phone Numbers Бројеви телефона
Area code =कूटसंख्यॆ
Phone no =दूरवाणिसंख्यॆ
Street улица
County =देश
State =राज्य
Postal code поштански број


Partner Партнер
is a је
Current Husband =वर्तमान बाम्मुण
Current Wife =वर्तमान बायिल
Fiance =उत्रामुदि/निश्चयतांबुळ ज़ाल्लॆं
Fiancée =उत्रामुदि/निश्चयतांबुळ ज़ाल्लॆं
Current partner партнер
Late Husband =दिवंगत बाम्मुण
Late Wife =दिवंगत बायिल
Ex-Husband =माजि-बाम्मुण
Ex-wife =माजि-बायिल
Divorced реазведен-а
Ex-partner бивши партнер
Married on Датум венчања
Married in Место венчања
Parents Родитељи


Date датум
Location =स्थळ
City место
State/Province =राज्य/नाड
Country Земља
County =ताल्लुक
Date of death =अंतरचॆं तारीक
Place of death =अंतरचॆं स्थळ
Date of burial =दाहसंस्कारा तारीक
Place of burial =दाहसंस्कारा स्थळ


Brother брат
Sister сестра
Mother мајка
Father отац
Son син
Daughter ћерка
Half-brother =सवतॊ भाव
Half-sister =सवति भयिणि
Stepmother =सवति आवुसु/आवय
Stepfather =सवतॊ बापुसु/बापुय
Stepson सवतॊ पूत=
Stepdaughter =सवति धूव
Uncle (Mother's brother) =मामु
Uncle (Father's elder brother) =म्हांतु
Uncle (Father's younger brother) =बाप्पा
Uncle =माम
Aunt (Mother's sister) =पाच्चि/मावशि
Aunt (Father's sister) =पाच्चि/आकय
Aunt =पाच्चि


NOTE: In some languages, you have a name for both your mother's sister, your father's sister etc. If your language doesn't have this, just translate Aunt, Aunt (Fath. sis.) and Aunt (Moth. sis.) as the same. (Same for Uncle, Nephew, Grandmother, etc.)
{{Translation/term|Grandfather (Mother's Father)|=आज़्ज़ॊ/मामपांय}
Nephew (Brother's Son) =पुतणियॊ/पुतवणॊ
Nephew (Sister's Son) =भाच़्च़ॊ
Nephew =गुरुताच़ॊ
Niece (Brother's Daughter) =धूवडि
Niece (Sister's Daughter) =भाच्चि
Niece =गुरुताच़ि
Grandfather (Father's Father) =आज़्ज़ॊ/घरापांय
Grandfather деда
Grandmother (Mother's Mother) =आम्मम्मा/मम्ममा/माम्मांय
Grandmother (Father's Mother) =आन्नम्मा/बापम्मा/घरामांय
Grandmother баба
Great grandfather (Maternal) =पिज़्ज़ॊ
Great grandfather (Paternal) =पिज़्ज़ॊ
Great grandfather =पिज़्ज़ॊ
Great grandmother (Maternal) =पिज्जि
Great grandmother (Paternal) =पिज्जि
Great grandmother =पिज्जि
Grandson унук
Granddaughter унука
Great grandson прауник
Great granddaughter прауника
Husband супруг
Wife супруга
male cousin (paternal) =बापुलभाव
female cousin (paternal) =बापुलभयिणि
male cousin (maternal) =मावसभाव
female cousin (maternal) =मावसभयिणि
Ex-husband =माजि-बाम्मुण
Ex-wife =माजि-बायिल
First male cousin (paternal) once removed =एक सोडुनु पयलॊ बापुलभाव
First female cousin (paternal) once removed =एक सोडुनु पयलि बापुलभयिणि
First male cousin (maternal) once removed =एक सोडुनु पयलॊ मावसभाव
First female cousin (maternal) once removed =एक सोडुनु पयलि मावसभयिणि
First male cousin (paternal) =पयलॊ बापुलभाव
First female cousin (paternal) =पयलि बापुलभयिणि
First male cousin (maternal) =पयलॊ मावसभाव
First female cousin (maternal) =पयलि मावसभयिणि
Great aunt's daughter-in-law =आज्जि
Great aunt's son-in-law =आज़्ज़ॊ
Great aunt =पिज्जि
Great uncle's daughter-in-law =आज्जि
Great uncle's first cousin's ex-wife's wife =आज्जि
Great uncle's son-in-law =आज़्ज़ॊ
Great uncle =पिज़्ज़ॊ
Second great aunt =पिज्जे अवुसबापुसा भयिणि
Second great grandfather =पिज्जे बापुस
Second great grandmother =पिज्जे आवुसु
Second great uncle =पिज्जे आवुसबापसा भाव
Third great grandfather =पिज्जे अज़्ज़ॊ
Third great grandmother =पिज्जे आज्जि


Showing X Events =घडण
Timeline =समयगॆरॊ
reverse order =उपराटि क्रम
Show events where X is a =तीं घटनां दकंयाति, खंय X निम्न आसा
Participant =भाग घॆत्तलॊ-घॆत्तलि
Attendee =अतिथि
Fan =प्रिय
Creator =रचयता
Birth of =ज़ायिदीस अनुसार
attended =पळंयच्याक आयलॊ-आयलि
Marriage of =वरडिक/काज़ार
Event title =घडणे विषय
Year =वरस
Add Event =घडण ज़ॊडसंवयां
Add more details =च़ड माहिति घालयां
Please wait while the page loads =दयॆ करुनु, पांनार नवॆं माहिति यॆत्ता तॆदॊळसरि, राबाति
Range =मर्दाया
Start Date: =सुरुवे तारीक
End Date: =कडेचॆं तारीक
Enter event description here =घडणे विवरण हांगा दीयाति
Participants: =भाग घॆत्तलीं
Attendees: =आतिथिजन
Who is this event for? =या घडणांतुं कॊण आसा?
Who was at this event? =या घडणांतुं कॊण आश्शिलॆं?
More Events =च़ड घडणां
My Timeline =मगॆलॆं समयगॆरॊ
Add a new event =नवॆं घडण घालयां
About This Event =घडणेविषयारि माहिति
Event Photos =घडणे छायाचित्रां
Event Albums =घडणे छायाचित्रासंग्रह
There are currently no photos of this event. Click here to add photos. =या घडणे खातिर सद्य छायाचित्र नाती। छायाचित्रां घालुक हांगा किटिकिटि कराति।
Attendees =अतिथि
There are currently no attendees for this event. Click here to add some. =या घडणे खातिर सद्य अतिथिजन नाती। अतिथिजनांक आपंवच्याक हांगा किटिकिटि कराति।
Who attended this event? =या घडणांतुं कॊण आसा?
Save Attendees =अतिथिजनांक राकाति
Share some details about this event =या घडणेविषयारि माहिति दिंवयां
Save Description =विवरण राकाति
Event successfully updated =घडण सफलरीतॆ संपादित ज़ाल्लॆं
There are currently no albums tagged with this event =या घडणेलीं सद्य छायाचित्रसंग्रह नाती।
Guestbook =सोयरेपान
as =उपाधि
worked at =काम कॆल्ललॆ स्थळ
X people =X जन
I was there =हांव थंय आश्शिलॊ-आश्शिलि
Fans =प्रीति
I wasn't there, but I'm a fan =हांव थंय नाशिलॊ-नाशिलि, तरि माका ताज्जिॆं प्रीति
Click here if you were not at this event but would like to add it to your timeline =घडणेंतुं नातिलॆरय समयगॆरांतुं ज़ॊडचॆ आसलॆरि हांगा किटिकिटि कराति


Settings page and subpages
All Account Settings =पूरा उपयोजकखातॆ तडज़ोड
Family Group =कुटमसमूह
define your Family group, the subset of your tree you want to stay in touch with =कुटमरूकालॆ खंचॆ सदस्यां ओट्टु संपर्क दवंरचॆं आसा आनि तुमगॆलॆ कुटमसमूह सुस्पष्ट कराति
Profile Privacy =पार्श्वचित्र एकांत
control who can see your profile and what they see =कॊणाक तुमगॆलॆ पार्श्वचित्र कितलॆं दिसका हॆं नियंत्रित कराति
Profile Actions =पार्श्वचित्र व्यवस्थापन
control who can perform actions on your profile =
Blocked Users =कॊण तुमगॆलॆ पार्श्वचित्र संपादित करता हाज्जॆर नियंत्रण दवंराति
block users from seeing your profile or contacting you =उपयोजकखातॆदारांनी तुमगॆलॆ पार्श्वचित्र पळंवचॆर आनि तुमकां संपर्क करचॆर बंदि घालाति
Managed Profiles =हांव व्यवस्थापन करतलीं पार्श्वचित्रां
control the privacy settings of profiles you have added =कॊण तुम्मि घात्तिलीं पार्श्वचित्रां संपादित करता हाज्जॆर नियंत्रण दवंराति
Recent Activity =कडेचॆ कृति
control what gets displayed in your newsfeed and when you get notified of updates =सकदांक ताजा माहिति दिंवचॆ वॆळार कितलॆ आनि कसलॆं सुद्दि दिंवचॆं हाजॆर नियंत्रण दवंराति
Notifications =घोषणॆ
control what Geni events you get notified about =तुमकां खंचॆ घडणांविषयारि सुद्दि ज़ाय हाजॆर नियंत्रण दवंराति
Email & Password =वीज़कागदविळास आनि गुट्टु-ऊत्र
add or update your email and password =वीज़कागदविळास आनि गुट्टु-ऊत्र घालयां अथवा संपादित करयां
Your Family is the subset of your Tree that you want to stay in touch with. This is the group that you will share news, photo albums, and birthdays with. =तुमगॆलॆ कुटम तुमगॆलॆ कुटमरूकालीं तीं सदस्यां आस्सती कॊणां ओट्टु तुमकां संपर्क दवंरचॆं आसा। या समूहावोट्टु तुमकां सुद्दि, छायाचित्रसंग्रहां आनि ज़ायिदीसां वांटुक ज़ातलॆं।
My Family consists of =मगॆलॆ कुटमसदस्यां
and =आनि
plus their current partners =आनि तांगॆलीं वर्तमान सांगातीं
My 5th cousins and closer =पांच़वीं बापुल-मावस भावंड आनि लागिचीं
My 4th cousins and closer =च़वथीं बापुल-मावस भावंड आनि लागिचीं
My 3rd cousins and closer =तिसरीं बापुल-मावस भावंड आनि लागिचीं
My 2nd cousins and closer =दुसरीं बापुल-मावस भावंड आनि लागिचीं
My 1st cousins and closer =पयलीं बापुल-मावस भावंड आनि लागिचीं
My immediate family =मगॆलॆ परिवार
None of my blood relatives =रगतसंबंधियां थांवुनु कॊणॆ ना
NAME's 5th cousins and closer =NAMEलीं पांच़वीं बापुल-मावस भावंड आनि लागिचीं
NAME's 4th cousins and closer =NAMEलीं च़वथीं बापुल-मावस भावंड आनि लागिचीं
NAME's 3rd cousins and closer =NAMEलीं तिसरीं बापुल-मावस भावंड आनि लागिचीं
NAME's 2nd cousins and closer =NAMEलीं दुसरीं बापुल-मावस भावंड आनि लागिचीं
NAME's 1st cousins and closer =NAMEलीं पयलीं बापुल-मावस भावंड आनि लागिचीं
NAME's immediate family =NAMEलॆं परिवार
None of NAME's blood relatives =NAMEलॆ रगतसंबंधियां थांवुनु कॊणॆ ना
You can add or remove individuals on their profile. =तुमकां खंचांय व्यक्तिविशेषाक तांगॆलॆ पार्श्वचित्रा थांवुनु काडुक ज़ातलॆं।
Use the checkboxes below to specify who can see your profile information. =तुमगॆलॆ पार्श्वचित्र कॊणॆकॊणॆ पळंवचॆं हॆं नियंत्रित करुक तोग्गुवॆलॆ/सकलचॆ चयनिकांगॆलॆ प्रयोजन कराति।
Public =सार्वजनिक
Profile photo =विवरण छायाचित्र
expand =वाडंय
Basic Info =तला माहिति
close =बंद करयेद
Maiden name =कुळाराचॆं नांव
First names of immediate family =परिवारजनांगॆलीं नांवां
Person who added me =माका जॊडतल्यालॆं नांव
Birthday =ज़ायिदीस
hide age =प्रय निप्पंवयेद
Birth place =ज़ायिस्थळ
Occupation Занимање
About Me =म्हज्जॆविषयारि
Family box =कुटमपॆट्टि
Friends box =इष्टांपॆट्टि
Latest News box =ताजा बातमि पॆट्टि
User Stats box =उपयोजक विश्लेषणपॆट्टि
Personal Info =वैयक्तिक माहिति
Contact Info =संपर्क माहिति
Work Info =कामा माहिति
Schools Школе
Use the checkboxes below to specify who can perform actions on your profile. =तुमगॆलॆ पार्श्वचित्र कॊणॆकॊणॆ संपादित करचॆं हॆं नियंत्रित करुक तोग्गुवॆलॆ/सकलचॆ चयनिकांगॆलॆ प्रयोजन कराति।
Who can edit my profile info? =कॊण मगॆलॆं विवरण संपादित करयेद?
Who can post a comment? =मुखारवॆलॆ पांनार कॊणॆकॊणॆ बरंययेद?
Who can send me a message? =कागद कॊणॆकॊणॆ धाडयेद?
Who can invite me to be friends? =इष्ट म्हुणु कॊणॆकॊणॆ आमंत्रित करयेद?
Who can find me using search? =कॊणॆकॊणॆ माका सॊदयेद?
unblock =
Prevent someone in your tree from seeing your profile and block delivery of their messages to you. =ऎकळ्यार, तुमगॆलॆ पार्श्वचित्र पळंवचॆर आनि तुमकां कागद धडचॆर, बंदि घालाति।
Block a User =ऎकळॆ उपयोजकार बंदि घालाति
Users will not be notified that you've blocked them. =तुम्मि तांचॆर बंदि घाल्लॆ हॆं उपयोजकांक कळेश ना।
Currently Blocked =बंदि घाललां
No blocked users. To block a user, type a name in the box above. =ऎकळॆ उपयोजकार बंदि घालुक तांगॆलॆं नांव तोग्गुवॆलॆ/सकलचॆ चतुष्कोणांत बरंयात।
Return to Account Settings =उपयोजकखातॆ व्यवस्थापनाक वापस वच्चयेद
Manage the privacy of the profiles you've added. =तुम्मि ज़ॊडललॆ पार्श्वचित्रांगॆलॆ एकांत व्यवस्थापन
Living Profiles I Added =जीवित जन
Who can edit? =कॊणॆकॊणॆ संपादित करयेद
Who can search? =कॊणॆकॊणॆ सॊदयेद
Only Me =हांव मात्र
Entire Tree =पूरा कुटम
Anyone =कॊणॆय
Deceased Profiles I Added =अंतराळ ज़ाल्लल्यांगॆलीं पार्श्वचित्रां
When you create content on Geni, your Family and Friends are shown updates as Family News on the Home tab. =कॆदॊळ तुम्मि जॆनीचॆर उपयोजकखातॆ तैयार करताति तॆदॊळ कुटमजन आनि इष्टां "मुखारवॆलॆ पान"आर "कुटमा सुद्दि" म्हुणु दिसतलीं।
They will only receive updates about content that your privacy settings permit them to see. =तुमगॆलॆ एकांतचयना अनुसारचि तांका तुमगॆलॆ विषयारि माहिति मॆळतलॆं।
Create an update when I... =बातमि तैयार करयेद कॆदॊळ हांव..
update my own profile =पार्श्वचित्र संपादित कराति
post my latest news =नवॆं सुद्दि धाडयेद
add a Friend =इष्ट ज़ॊडसंवयां
comment in someone's guestbook =अतिथिपांनार बरंवयां
comment on a photo =छायाचित्राचॆर टिप्पणि दिंवयां
comment on an event =घडणेचॆर टिप्पणि दिंवयां
comment in my tree discussion =आपणालॆ कुटमरूका चर्चेंतुं टिप्पणि दिंवयां
An update will always appear when I... =बातमि निर्माण करयेद कॆदॊळ हांव
add someone to the tree =कुटमरूकार ऎकळ्याक ज़ॊडता
update someone else's profile =ऎकळ्यालॆ विवरण संपादित करता
add photos =छायाचित्रां घालता
tag someone in a photo =छायाचित्रांत ऎकळ्याक दाकंयता
add an event =घडणेविषयारि बरंयता
tag someone in an event =घडणेंतुं ऎकळ्याक ज़ॊडता
add photos to an event =घडणेंतुं छायाचित्रां घालता
An update will never appear when I... =बातमि निर्माण करयेद ना कॆदॊळ हांव
send a message =संदेश धाडता
view a profile =विवरण पळंयता
view a photo =छायाचित्र पळंयता
decline an invitation =आमंत्रण नकारता
edit my Family group =कुटमसमूह संपादित करता
edit my privacy settings =एकांतव्यवस्थापन संपादित करता
Control which notification emails Geni sends you. =जॆनीद्वारा यॆतल्यॊ बातमियांचॆर नियंत्रण दवंरात।
Send me an email when someone =बातमि पॆटंवयेद कॆदॊळ कॊण
sends me a message =माका संदेश धाडता
invites me to be Family =माका कुटमांत आपंयता
invites me to be a Friend =माका इष्ट ज़ांवुक आपंयता
accepts my invitation to join my Tree, Family or Friends =मगलॆं कुटमरूक, कुटम अथवा इष्ट ज़ांवुक स्वीकारता
comments in my guestbook =मगलॆ अतिथिपांनार बरंयता
comments in my tree discussion =मगलॆ कुटमरूका चर्चेंतुं टिप्पणि दिता
comments on my photo or responds to my comment =मगॆलॆ छायाचित्राविषयार बरंयता अथवा जवाब दिता
comments on my event or responds to my comment =
tags me in a photo (once daily max) =मगॆलॆ घडणेविषयार बरंयता अथवा जवाब दिता
adds photos of Family and Friends (once daily max) =कुटमालॆं आनि इष्टांगॆलीं छायाचित्रां घालाति
makes new additions to my Tree (once daily max) =कुटमरूक वाडंयता (प्रतिदीस एक)
in my Family and Friends is about to have a birthday (once daily max) =सोयरेलॆं ज़ायिदीस यॆंवचॆ आसा (प्रतिदीस एक)
Also email me occasionally about new Geni features and announcements =माका अनित्य जॆनी थांवुनु वैशिष्ट्य आनि सूचनॆ पॆटंवयेद
Primary Email Address =प्राथमिक वीज़कागदविळास
Change Password =गुट्टु-ऊत्र बदलयां
Add email =अधिक वीज़कागदविळास
Enter Current Password =गुट्टु-ऊत्र घालात
Confirm New Password =नवॆं गुट्टु-ऊत्रा पुष्टि करात
Type New Password =नवॆं गुट्टु-ऊत्र टंकित करात


Error/Information Messages
Please wait... =चिकॆ राबाति...
Almost done... =ज़ाल्लॆंचि...
Loading Relationship... =संबंध घालतऽस्स..
Sorry, you cannot send messages to yourself. =क्षमस्व, आपणाकचि कागद धाडुक ज़ायना।
You must specify recipients to send this message. =कगद धांडचॆ फूडॆ प्रेषक ज़ाय।
You must enter a subject or body to send this message. =
The conversation has been saved. =संवाद राकलां।
We are experiencing technical difficulties =आम्मि सद्य तांत्रिकि दोष अनुभव करतऽस्सति।
The conversation has been deleted. =संवाद उडंवुनु सॊडलॆं
NAME's current location was placed on the map. =NAME लॆं वर्तमान स्थळ नकासार घाललां
Your address book has been cleared. =तुमगॆलॆ विळासपान खालि कॆल्लां।
Please enter some email addresses to invite. =आपंवचॆक दयॆ करुनु कांयी वीज़कागदविळासां बरंयाति।
Please enter a valid email address and password. =दयॆ करुनु वैध वीज़कागदविळास आनि गुट्टु-ऊत्र दीयाति।
You haven't imported any contacts. =तुम्मि संपर्कां आनिकय भितर हाडनिती।


{{Translation/term|Caption|=शिर्षक }
(Balloon Icon) =फुगॆ प्रतिकृति
(I Icon) =प्रतिकृति
(Printer Icon) =मुद्रका प्रतिकृति
(relative) =नातलग
ActiveX control is necessary to upload your files quickly and easily. You will be able to select multiple images in user-friendly interface instead of clumsy input fields with Browse button. Installation will take up to few minutes, please be patient. To install Image Uploader, please click on the Information Bar. After page reload click "Yes" when you see the control installation dialog. =संचिकां वगवगिं आनि ससारायेनॆं वयिर घॆंवचॆक Active X Control ज़रूरि आसा। अवलक्षण सॊदचॆं (Browse ) गुब्बि निवेशस्थानांसुत्तु घुवंडावचॆं बदलाक तुमकां ससार बाह्यस्वरूपा द्वारा मस्त छायाचित्रां चयन करुक मॆळतलीं। प्रतिष्ठापनेक वेळ लागतलॆं, धीर धराति। "छायाचित्र सोसक" प्रतिष्ठापित करुक "माहिति गुब्बि (information bar)आरि किटिकिटि कराति। पान वापस यॆंवुनु "नियंत्रण प्रतिष्ठापन संवादपटिक" (control installation dialogue) दिसलॆरि ताका किटिकिटि कराति।
Add Photos to This Album =छायाचित्रसंग्रहांतुं छायाचित्रां घालाति
Add Relatives to Calendar =काळगणकांतुं नातलगांक ज़ॊडसंयाति
Add a Caption =शिर्षक दिंवयां
Add descendants of =वंशज़ां घालयां हांगॆलीं
Add immediate family of =परिवार घालयां हांगॆलॆ
Add multiple photos very quickly, =वगवगिं मस्त छायाचित्रां घालयां
Add photos from your computer. =गणकयंत्रा थांवुनु छायाचित्रां घालयां
Add these photos to =हीं छायाचित्रां हांगा घालयेद
Add to Favorites =प्रीतिचींछायाचित्रांतुं घालयेद
Add your family's emails, so they can help complete the tree. =कुटमरूक पूरा करुक च़ड मदत खात्तिरि कुटमजनांगॆलीं वीज़कागदविळासां घालाति।
Added On =ज़ॊडचॆं तारीक
Added to family tree by =ज़ॊडतलॆं उपयोजक
Adding X Photos =X छायाचित्रां घालतऽस्स
Advanced Photo Uploader =परिणत छायाचित्र सोसक
Album Cover =संग्रहा मुखारवॆलॆ पान
An existing photo album =आश्शिलॆं कुटम छायाचित्रसंग्रह
Are you sure you want to delete this photo? =तुमकां हॆ छायाचित्र कंडिप उडंवुनु दिंवचॆं आसा वॆ?
Back to your profile =पार्श्वचित्राक वापस
Balloon help is off =मदति फुगॊ बंद आसा
Balloon help is on =मदति फुगॊ च़ालु आसा
Birth =ज़ायिविषय
Blood Relatives =रगतसंबंधि
Bloodrelatives =रगतसंबंधि
Born =ज़ल्म
Brother-in-law шурак
By =द्वारा
Click an arrow to slide the family tree in that direction. You may also use the arrow keys on your keyboard. =एकदीकानॆं कुटमरूक व्हरचॆं आसलॆरि त्या दीकानाचॆ बाणाक किटिकिटि कराति। तुमगॆलॆ गणकयंत्रा संज्ञाफळावयिरलॆ बाणगुब्बियांगॆलॆ प्रयोजनय करयेद।
Click and drag to move this out of the way. =वाट्टे थांवुनु भायॆर काडुक किटिकिटि करुनु ताणाति।
Click and drag up to zoom in and out. Your tree will get bigger or smaller. =व्हॊड अथवा सान करूक किटिकिटि करुनु वयिरि तानाति। कुटमरूक व्हॊड अथवा सान ज़ात्तलॆं।
Click here to print this tree =कुटमरूक छापुक हांगा किटिकिटि कराति।
Click here to turn on balloon help =मदति फुगॆ सूरु करुक हांगा किटिकिटि कराति
Click here to turn on help messages =मदति संदेश सूरु करुक हांगा किटिकिटि कराति
Click on the small green trees to view extended family members. =विस्तारांतुं कुटम पळंवचॆक सान पाचुवॆ रूकारि किटिकिटि कराति।
Click this arrow to add a sibling, spouse or partner for this person. =भावंड अथवा सांगाति घालुक या बाणाक किटिकिटि कराति।
Click this arrow to slide the family tree in this direction. You may also =या दीकान कुटमरूक व्हरूक या बानाक किटिकिटि कराति। तुम्मि निम्न सुद्दांय करयेद
Click this button to recenter this family tree. =कुटम मध्यांतुं हाडुक हॆं गुब्बि किटिकिटि कराति।
Click this button to turn help balloons off. =मदति फुग्गॊ बंद करुक हॆं गुब्बि किटिकिटि कराति।
Click this link to edit basic information about this person. =या मनुशालॆ तळामाहिति संपादित करुक हॆं गुब्बि किटिकिटि कराति।
Click this link to view this person's profile. You may also be able to edit this profile. =या मनुशालॆं पार्श्वचित्र पळंवुक या ज़ॊडणिचॆरि किटिकिटि कराति।
Click this link to view your family tree from this person's point of view. =या मनुशालॆं पार्श्वचित्रा थांवुनु तुमगॆलॆ कुटमरूक कश्शि दिसता पळंवुक या ज़ॊडणिचॆरि किटिकिटि कराति।
Click to add a name =नांव घालुक किटिकिटि कराति।
Click to view this person's family tree. =या मनुशालॆं कुटमरूक पळंवुक किटिकिटि कराति।
Clicking on any name will take you to that person's position on the tree. =खंचॆय नांवारि किटिकिटि कॆल्लॆरि तुम्मि कुटमरूकारि त्या मनुशालॆ स्थानारि वत्तलीं।
Close this dialog box when upload completes =वयरिघॆणॆ मुग्दलॆरि संवादपटिक बंद करयेद
Close =बंद करयेद
Comments =टिप्पणियॊ
Confirm email address =वीज़कागदविळासा पुष्टि कराति
Connect these relatives to your tree. =या संबंधियांक तुमगॆलॆ कुटमरुकार ज़ॊडाति।
Create Message =संदेश बरंयाति
Create a new album =नवॆं छायाचित्रसंग्रह करयां
Created by NAME on DATE =NAME नॆं DATE क तैयार कॆल्लॆं
Created on DATE =DATE क तैयार कॆल्लॆं
Daughter-in-law снаја
Delete this Album =हॆं छायाचित्रसंग्रह उडंवुनु सॊडयेद
Description =विवरण
Deselect All =चयन नाका
Drag photos to change their display order in this album. =छायाचित्रसंग्रहांतुं क्रम बदलुक छायचित्रां तानाति
Drag this slider to change size of print. =मुद्रणा आकार बदलुक स्लैडर ताणाति।
Edit Album =छायाचित्रसंग्रह संपादित करयां
Edit description... =विवरण संपादित करयां...
Employer =योजन/धनि
End Year Година завршетка
English =अंग्रेजि
Family Albums =कुटमा छायाचित्रसंग्रहां
Family Friends =कुटमा इष्टां
Find relatives quickly. =वगवगिं नातलग सॊदाति
Finished =मुग्दलॆं
First Name / Last Name =नांव/आडनांव
First photo =पयलॆं छायाचित्र
Geni Image Upload =-जॆनी छायाचित्र सोसण
Go =वच्च्यां
Having trouble? Try the simple uploader instead. =कष्टप्रद? हाज्जॆ बदलाक साधॆ सोसकालॆं प्रयोजन कराति।
Help balloons are turned on. Hold your mouse over almost anything on the family tree for an explanation. =मदति फुगॊ च़ालु आसा। कसलॆंय विषयारि स्पष्टिकरणा खात्तिरि संगणकमूषकाक कुटमरूकारि खंयी राकुनु दवंराति।
Hide help balloons =मदति फुग्गॊ निप्पंयाति
Home Phone =घरा दूरवाणिसंख्यॆ
I replied =हांवॆं सांगलॆं
If names in your tree use non-English characters, you must select "landscape" in your printer's settings to display the names correctly. =कुटमरूकावयिरलॆ विवरणांतुं रोमिलिपि नातिलीं अक्षरां आसलॆरि, नांवां सम्म दाकंवचॆक, मुद्रकयंत्र व्यवस्थापनांतुं "Landscape" लॆं चयन कराति।
If you don't see a direct relative of the unmapped person, add to your tree by clicking the yellow arrows or navigate to another branch of your tree. =सिदॆ संबंधित जन कुटमरूकार दिसना ज़ाल्लॆरि हळदुवॆं बाणारि किटिकिटि करुनु तांका ज़ॊडाति अथवा दुसरॆ शाखॆरि पळंयाति।
If you'd like to change the size of your print, please use the controls below. =मुद्रणालॆं आकार बदलचॆं आसलॆरि तोग्गुवॆलॆ/सकलचॆ नियंत्रकांगॆलॆ प्रयोजन कराति।
Image Uploader =छायाचित्र सोसक
Immediate Family Members =परिवारजन
In this photo =छायाचित्रांतिं सामिल
Invite a family member =कुटमजनाक आपंयाति
Invite your family: =परिवाराक आपंयाति
Just drag and drop them on their nearest relative. If your relative is already in the tree, drag their unconnected node onto the one in the tree. =ताणुनु तांका लागि लॆकतलॆ संबंधियालागि सॊडाति। तुमगॆलॆ संबंधि पयलॆधरुनुचि कुटमरूकार आसलॆरि तांगॆलॆ ज़ॊडनातिलॆं गॆण्णु ताणुनु तांगॆलॆ दुसरॆ गॆण्णारि सॊडाति।
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Leave message =कागद सॊडाति
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Make connections. =संपर्क कराति
Make my profile photo =आपणालॆं छायाचित्र करि
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My Profile Мој профил
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Name Име
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Next =मुखार
No matches found, search entire tree =मेळ लागनि, पूरा कुटमरूक सॊदयेद
Note: 'date of death' =अंतराळा तारीक
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Position =स्थान
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Printing Instructions =मुद्रण आदेश
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Red =तांबडॆ
Remove from Favorites =प्रीतिचीं थांवुनु काडयेद
Reorder Album =छायाचित्रसंग्रहालॆं क्रम बदलयेद
Reorder Photos =छायाचित्रां क्रम बदलयेद
Reply =ज़वाब
Reverse Sort =उपराटि क्रम
Save your changes >> =बदल राकयेद
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Saving =राकतऽस्स..
Search name or email =नवॆं नांव अथवा वीज़कागदविळास सॊदाति
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Select All =सकडांगॆलॆं चयन
Select one or more photos from your computer =
Send Birthday Reminders =गणकयंत्रा थांवुनु एक अथवा मस्त छायाचित्रांगॆलॆं चयन कराति
Separate favorites in each group with a comma. Ex: reading, fishing =प्रतियॆकळॆ समूहांतुं प्रीतिचीं कामां अल्पविराम द्वारा विंगड कराति। उदा. वाज़चॆं, झ़ळकॆ/निसतॆं पकडचॆं
Separate nicknames with a comma. Ex: Jack, Jay, Uncle Jay =उपादियॊ अल्पविरामा द्वारा विंगड कराति। उदा. जॅक, जॆय, अंकल जॆय
Set Album Cover =छायाचित्रसंग्रहालॆं मुखारवॆलॆं पान
Set as cover =मुखारवॆलॆं पान म्हुणु दवंरयेद
Set as profile photo =विवरणछायाचित्र म्हुणु दवंरयेद
Share some things about (NAME) =NAME विषयारि चिकॆं/मातशॆं बरंयाति
Show legend =आख्यान दाकंयाति
Show page numbers =पानसंख्यॆ दाकंयाति
Simple Photo Uploader =सादॆ छायाचित्र सोसक
Son-in-law зет
Start Year Година запослења
Start typing a language =भास बरंवचॆक सूर कराति
Start typing a political view =राजकीय दृष्टिकोण बरंवचॆक सूर कराति
Start typing a religion =धर्म बरंवचॆक सूर कराति
Start typing an ethnicity =जनांगीयतॆ बरंवचॆक सूर कराति
Tag Your Added Photos =घाल्लॆलॆ छायाचित्रांक सुच़यचिह्न लांयंति
Tagged By Me =हांवॆं सुच़यचिह्न लांयलॆलीं
There was an error importing your address book. Please double-check your username and password, and try again. =तुमगॆलॆ वीज़कागदविळासा संपर्क पांनाक उबारचॆ वॆळार गडबडि ज़ाल्लॆ।दयॆ करुनु तुमगॆलॆ वीज़कागदविळास आनि गुट्टु-ऊत्रालॆं पुष्टि कराति
Title =शिर्षक
To see a list of all of the names in your current tree, open the 'Go to...' tab =तुमगॆलॆं कुटमरूकावयिरलॆ समस्त नांवां यादि पळंवचॆं आसलॆरि "...वच्च्यां" ज़ॊडणि मॆकळाति।
Type Description Here =विवरण हांगा बरंयाति
Type first or last name =नांव अथवा आडनांव बरंयाति
Updated =संपादित
Use the options below to determine the size of your printed tree. The print preview will show you how many pages your tree spans. Each gray square represents =छाप्पिलॆ कुटमरूकालॆ आकार निश्चित करुक तोग्गुवॆलॆ/सकलचॆ विकल्पांगॆलॆं प्रयोजन कराति।कुटमरूक कितलॆं पान आड आसा हॆं तुमकां दाकंयतलॆं। प्रतियॆकळॆ राकशॆं चतुष्कोण सांगता कि
View as Tree =कुटमरूप स्वरूप पळंयात
Viewing X Photos =X छायाचित्रां पळंयता
Who's In This Photo =या छायाचित्रांतुं कॊणकॊण आस्सत
Who's in this album या छायाचित्रसंग्रहांतुं कॊणकॊण आस्सत=
X Added =X जनांक ज़ॊडलॆं
X people were not added =X जनांक ज़ॊडनि
You must enter a subject or body =विषय अथवा संदेश घालका
Yourself =तुम्मिचि


Lower case
add from address book =विज़कागद संपर्कां पांना थांवुनु घॆवयेद
and =आनि
anniversaries =वरसोत्सवां
because we cannot send them email. =इत्तॆक म्हणलॆरि आमकां तांका वीज़कागद पॆटंवचॆक ज़ायना।
birthdays =ज़ायिदीसां
created by Me =हांवॆं घडंयलॆलीं
current spouse супруг/супруга
done =ज़ाल्लॆं
edit =संपादित करयेद
enter email =वीज़कागदविळास घालाति
enter her email =तांगॆलॆं वीज़कागदविळास घालाति
enter his email =तांगॆलॆं वीज़कागदविळास घालाति
for My Family =कुटमा खात्तिरि
her brother =तांगॆलॊ भाव
her daughter =तांगॆलि भयिणि
her father =तांगॆलॊ बापुस/बापुय
her husband =तांगॆलॊ बाम्मुण
her mother =तांगॆलि आवुस/आवय
her sister =तांगॆलि भयिणि
her son =तांगॆलॊ पूतु
her wife =तांगॆलि बायिल
hide year =वरस निप्पंययेद
hide =निप्पंययेद
his brother =तांगॆलॊ भाव
his daughter =तांगॆलि धूव
his father =तांगॆलॊ बापुस/बापुय
his husband =तांगॆलॊ बाम्मुण
his mother =तांगॆलि आवुस/आवय
his sister =तांगॆलि भयिणि
his son =तांगॆलॊ पूतु
his wife =तांगॆलि बायिल
include friends =इष्टांक धरुनु
in =भितर
one page. =एक पान
only child =ऎकळॆ चॆरुडु
or Cancel =रद्द करयेद
photos =छायाचित्रां
replied =नॆं ज़वाब दिल्लॆं
rotate photos on the fly =छायाचित्रां घुवंडयात
showing X people out of X =X2जनां थांवुनु X1 दाकंयतऽस्स
to send this message. =हॆं संदेश धाडुक
use the arrow keys on your keyboard. =संज्ञापळावयिरलॆ बाणगुब्बियांगॆलॆं प्रयोजन कराति
view album =छायाचित्रसंग्रह पलंयाति
your father =तुमगॆलॊ बापुस
your mother =तुमगॆलॊ आवुस


Serbian Cyril - Serbian Latin transliteration table

Serbian language uses both Cyrillic and Latin alphabet. They are both commonly used. On some occasions it is preferable to show data in Cyrillic, and on some others Latin is preferred. There is simple way of transliteration from Cyrillic to Latin as it is easy to replace Cyrillic letter with appropriate Latin counterpart. Backward transliteration is more difficult as some Serbian phonemes are written with two plain Latin letters so there is not straightforward and unique relation. For an example. Cyrillic љ is Latin lj, and Cyrillic њ is Latin nj. It is easy to transliterate from Cyrillic to Latin, bit backward is a problem as it is hard for dumb program to find out if lj is лј ор љ, and if nj is нј ор њ (and both situations are possible). That is why it is better to have Serbian written in Cyrillic as it is easy to get Latin version by very simple conversion. I provided conversion table below.

Cyril / Latin

А а / A a

Б б / B b

В в / V v

Г г / G g

Д д / D d

Ђ ђ / Đ đ

Е е / E e

Ж ж / Ž ž

З з / Z z

И и / I i

Ј ј / J j

К к / K k

Л л / L l

Љ љ / Lj Lj

М м / M m

Н н / N n

Њ њ / Nj nj

О о / O o

П п / P p

Р р / R r

С с / S s

Т т / T t

Ћ ћ / Ć ć

У у / U u

Ф ф / F f

Х х / H h

Ц ц / C c

Ч ч / Č č

Џ џ / Dž dž

Ш ш / Š š

Source: Cyril and Latin transliteration table

Order of letters in Serbian Cyril and Serbian Latin alphabets

There is also an issue of sorting data. Order of letters in Serbian Cyrillic alphabet is provided above. Order of the letters in Serbian Latin alphabet is:

A a

B b

C c

Č č

Ć ć

D d

Dž dž

Đ đ

E e

F f

G g

H h

I i

J j

K k

L l

Lj lj

M m

N n

Nj nj

O o

P p

R r

S s

Š š

T t

U u

V v

Z z

Ž ž

Serbian language and non Serbian environment

On computers and also Internet it is very common that various interfaces do not allow use of any other alphabet but plain English Latin. As Serbian language also uses Latin besides Cyrillic, it is quite easily adopted on Latin alphabet. It is simply removing accent signs above Serbian Latin letters with an exception that đ is replaced with dj', not d. So letters č, ć, š, đ, ž are written as c, c, s, dj, z. Pay attention that this is not appropriate way to write Serbian language but when there is no other way this one is commonly used. There are other ways to write but they are less common.

Serbian language and searches

This is when things become complicated. Due to doubled writing system (Cyrillic and Latin) and also common writing using plain English alphabet there are at least three ways to write Serbian language. Search engines that are used to search data written in Serbian should be aware of this. Google for an example, does take care. It is still in development stage but it does recognize in some level all three writing systems in searches.

Thing is, that Serbian name, for example Шуварковић, may be searched for using three keywords: Шуварковић, Šuvarković and Suvarkovic. All three should be considered as proper.

Serbian Grammar

One word may have different forms regarding case, number and gender (and combinations of them).

Serbian language uses seven cases: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, vocative, instrumental and locative. Serbian cases by the rule change forms of the words unlike English where cases are simple, and by the rule do not change the very word. This is especially important for names, which are changed according to Serbian cases, so multilanguage engine should pay attention for cases usage, or use nominative whenever possible to avoid handling cases.

It is very important to know that cases influence even on names, and they change the very word. Numbers are changed according to cases too.

Number also may change the word, so multilanguage engine cannot just use plural for anything numbered greater than one - there are several forms of plural in Serbian.

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