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What are Virtual Gifts?

Users are able to send up to 3 gifts on Geni. Once they have used all 3 of their free Gift Credits, they may they send Gifts for $1.00 each. You may also buy gift in bulk in which case they are 2 for a $1.00.

To send a gift, simply use the 'Send Gift' button on their Profile page. You may also send gifts along with a Birthday or Anniversary Greeting.

Send a Gift now!

Below is an example of one of our Virtual Gifts:

qis79ras_large.gif Birthday Cake

Other Gifts

Gift Cards

Gift Cards for over 25 major brands are now available to send as Gifts any time you select the Send Gift option from a Profile page, your Home page or the new Holiday Calendar. When you purchase a gift card we will send it to your family member's physical address with a special note from you. You may select if you would like the Gift to be made public (to your Family Group) or private.

Geni has gift card denominations available from $15 to $1,000 (American Airlines certificates).

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