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This is an overview of the "gifts" you can send to your friends and family in Geni

(To post it anywhere else <img src="add gift url here" />)

6000000000000006346.gif Birthday Cake

6000000000000006350.gif Candle

6000000000000006344.gif Congratulations

6000000000000006349.gif Cookie

6000000000000006348.gif Cupcake

6000000000000006351.gif Flowers

6000000000000006345.gif Hearty Handshake

6000000000000006339.gif "High Five"

6000000000000006336.gif Hug

6000000000000006342.gif Kiss

6000000000000006337.gif Love

6000000000000006343.gif Pat on the Back

6000000000000006347.gif Pizza

6000000000000006338.gif Prayer

6000000000000006341.gif Smile

6000000000000006340.gif Wave

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