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Search Box

You can search for a person using the search box on the top right corner of the Geni interface:


When you start typing a name we will provide you with a list of possible matches (this uses our standard People Tagger to look for matches). Selecting a match will take you directly to that person's profile. If you don't see the name in the list provided, click 'Go' to see the full list of results.

Search Results

Search results are now divided between profiles “Connected to You” and “Not Connected to You”.


  • “Connected to You” - These profiles are in trees directly or indirectly connected

to your tree. Use the “Search In:” menu to filter these results by blood tree.

  • “Not Connected to You” - These profiles are in other Geni trees. You can use it to search for relatives in other trees and then seek to merge those trees.

You may also use the List feature to search for and identify the user's that are "Connected to You" in your Tree. You may also filter this list to remove and Deceased, Non-Users or Family from the view to find and contact potential Family. This is a great way to find new Geni users to collaborate with on your family tree. From this list you can easily invite them to your Family Group, view their tree or profile, and more.

You may continue to search by specific Trees as well. To search elsewhere use the 'Search In:' Tree Selector:

  • Specific Trees - This will search every profile in a specific Tree. You can search through any Tree in your Forest.

Search Privacy

By default, only claimed users and deceased profiles are included within the public search index. Living profiles are only included if the profile manager has enabled this in their settings.

You control the search privacy of your profile and the profiles you manage. For more information see our Search Privacy page.

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