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Search Box

You can search for a person using the search box on the top right corner of the Geni interface:


When you start typing a name we will provide you with a list of possible matches (this uses our standard People Tagger to look for matches). Selecting a match will take you directly to that person's profile. If you don't see the name in the list provided, click 'Go' to see the full list of results.

Search Results

The search results page will display any matches within your Tree.

To search elsewhere use the 'Search In:' Tree Selector:

* All of - This will search our entire public search index. Note that since some profiles in your Tree may not be publicly searchable, this search may not return results that are included when searching a specific Tree.
* All people connected to me - This is the same as 'All of' excludes results that do not have a connection to you through the tree.
* Specific Trees - This will search every profile in a specific Tree. You can search through any Tree in your Forest.

Search Privacy

You control the search privacy of your profile and every unclaimed profile you have added to Geni. For more information see our Search Privacy page.

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