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Most Russians are not fluent in English, and some don't speak it at all. The Russian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet.

Internet availability

Some areas of Russia and the ex-Soviet Union are without Internet at all, and others have very slow dial-up connections over old phone-lines.

Wealthier regions, particularly near large cities like Moscow, have high-speed Internet and use it often.

Interest in genealogy

Wars, revolutions and ignorance have destroyed a significant part of written records. Persecution, and even massacres, of people belonging to “wrong” classes discouraged the transition of family memories to young generations. Only a decade ago Russian genealogists started to come out in the open.

Russian records and archives are not as neatly maintained as the American ones (due to change of regime, and lack of a society like the LDS), but still exist, sometimes in surprisingly good shape.

Date Format

Russia like many other european countries, only uses 1 date format.

  • Day, Month, Year (DD/MM/YY or YYYY)

Other Ex-Soviet countries

Countries like Belarus have a very similar culture to Russia, and speak the same language.

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