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In genealogy, Sources are our most important tool. Many of these are available online. Below is a collection of links to various websites that might be useful in our research.

Several genealogy websites maintain databases of government records and user submitted data. While there are many resources available on the web it is important to learn the validity of data collected. Many handwritten records are left to interpretation and simple data entry mistakes can lead to extraneous research.

In order to maintain the highest levels of data quality it is important to keep records of all communications and data collection. Learn to use the Sources and Documents features on Geni. Interview living members of the family you are researching. Search vital records at government archives, municipalities, and churches in person. Some organizations offer the hiring of professional genealogists to research your family tree.

Sources Online




  • Ancestry FR - Membership services for genealogy research in France.


  • Society for Computergenealogy - Free access to many German genealogy resources including databases and mailing lists. Most pages are in German but support for English is provided.
  • Ancestry DE - Membership services for genealogy research in Germany.


  • Ancestry IT - Membership services for genealogy research in Italy.



  • Ancestry UK - Membership services for genealogy research in the United Kingdom.


  • Ancestry AU - Membership services for genealogy research in Australia.

Further Sources

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Jewish history

General Information

  • Cyndi's List - Cyndi's List is a major compilation of links to genealogical research and resources, stories and histories, and many other things that can benefit the genealogist or family historian.
  • Family Search - Free access to user submitted family histories, vital records, guides and software. Sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • RootsWeb - Free portal to message boards, websites, and projects. Sponsored by and community members.
  • RootsWeb SSDI search - Direct link to the RootsWeb Social Security Death Index search page.
  • Society Hall - Directory of genealogical and historical societies developed by and Federation of Genealogical Societies.
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