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The List page displays a listing of profiles that match a certain criteria for a selected profile. For example, the list for your grandfather can include his entire family, his descendants, his ancestors, etc. By default, the selected person is you.

  • His Tree - By default, all people in the selected person's family tree are listed in order of relevance.
  • His Family - A listing of all people related to the selected person.
  • His Ancestors - A listing of persons of whom the selected person is a decedent. For example, their father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, great grandfather, etc.
  • His Decedents - A listing of the selected person's decedents. For example, your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc.

Listings don't always have to pivot around a selected person. Other common listings are:

  • Recently Added - A listing of recently added profiles. Useful for checking what's new in your tree.
  • Recently Joined - A listing of people who have accepted their e-mail invitations and are now active members of your family at Geni.
  • Recently Modified - Profiles that have been recently updated.

Each listed profile includes a photograph (if one exists), a name, a nickname, the current location (or birth and death years for deceased family members), the relation to the selected person, who he was added by, the immediate family and and some actions (view tree is particularly useful here).

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