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The relationship pathway is a visual representation of the relationship of two profiles on Geni. Every profile and relationship that connects the two profiles is listed. For example:

 John Smith (your father) → Linda Smith (his mother) → James Jones (his father) → Ronald Jones (his brother) → Tina Jones (his wife). 

When you view a profile on Geni, the relationship pathway between you and the profile you are viewing is displayed on the top of the profile. If the profile is a close relative, or you have recently found your path to that profile, click the "Show # Relatives" button to view the entire path.

If you are viewing the profile of a distant relative, click the How are we related? button to search for a path. You don't have to stay on the profile while we search for the relationship, we'll notify you if we find one.

You can also find relationship pathways between any two profiles on Geni. Click the green Push Pin located in the upper, right-hand corner of a profile to see how that profile is related to other profiles on Geni. As you view other profiles, you'll see relationships relative to that profile instead of yourself. Just click the push pin on any profile to start viewing your relationships again.

Use the share this path link for a full page view of the relationship pathway. This is handy if you want to send the link to someone, of post the path to twitter or facebook.

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