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Reekers (and also Rekers) is a surname decendent from a river called 'Reker' or 'Rekere' that used to run through the Netherlands in the province that is now called Noord-Holland. It used to be a river that ran all the way to the medieval city Alkmaar. Most likely the originator had a connection with Alkmaar because in the Coat of Arms of Re(e)kers there is a silver opened castle on a red background represented. This has also been the Coat of Arms of Alkmaar since 1254 BC. Next to the castle is a gold three-master on a blue background. Speculated is that there is a connection to IJlst, a small city in the province Friesland, because of the Coat of Arms of IJlst in 1584. This would mean that it would not be a medieval surname nor Coat of Arms, because before 1584 IJlst was still wearing a cog instead of a three-master.

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