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Reekers (and also Rekers) is a surname decendent from a river called 'Reker' or 'Rekere' that used to run through the Netherlands in the province that is now called Noord-Holland. It used to be a river that ran all the way to the medieval city Alkmaar. Most likely the originator had a connection with Alkmaar because in the Coat of Arms of Re(e)kers there is a silver opened castle on a red background represented. This has also been the Coat of Arms of Alkmaar since 1254 BC. Next to the castle is a gold three-master on a blue background. Speculated is that there is a connection to IJlst, a small city in the province Friesland, because of the Coat of Arms of IJlst in 1584. This would mean that it would not be a medieval surname nor Coat of Arms, because before 1584 IJlst was still wearing a cog instead of a three-master.

Putting this type of information on the recently created Surname pages, will give it MUCH better exposure. These pages are integrated directly in the Geni site (unlike this Wiki). See link to Surnames at bottom of each page on the site itself. In this case, you would be looking for Reekers. You will notice that it automatically listed profiles with this last name. Shmuelakam 11:06, 5 January 2011 (UTC), Geni Curator
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