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(New page: <center> <big>'''All Account Settings:'''</big> Family Group | Profile Privacy | Profile Actions | Blocked Users | Managed Profiles | '''Recent Activity''' | [[Not...)
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<big>'''[[All Account Settings]]:'''</big>
<big>'''[[All Account Settings]]:'''</big>
[[Family Group]] | [[Profile Privacy]] | [[Profile Actions]] | [[Blocked Users]] | [[Managed Profiles]] | '''Recent Activity''' | [[Notification]] | [[Email & Password]]
[[Family Group]] | [[Profile Privacy]] | [[Permissions]] | [[Blocked Users]] | [[Managed Profiles]] | [[Recent Activity]] | [[Notifications]] | [[Email & Password]]

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All Account Settings:

Family Group | Profile Privacy | Permissions | Blocked Users | Managed Profiles | Recent Activity | Notifications | Email & Password

Control what gets displayed in your Newsfeed and when you get notified of updates

When you create content on Geni, your Family and Friends are shown updates as Family News on the Home tab. They will only receive updates about content that your privacy settings permit them to see.

You may update this information here: http://www.geni.com/account_settings/recent_activity.

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