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Projects are collections of profiles. Projects can be created for a surname, an event, or a topic - anything that connectes a number of profiles together.

There are currently four components to projects:

  • About: The project about field understands wikitext markup language, the same language we use on the geni user wiki. This means that, for the most part, you can just copy over text from the wiki and formatting will be retained. Links to Wiki pages, do NOT work, and must be converted into regular, full links - change the [[ ]] links into [ ] and use the full URL for the page. Please see the project template page for suggested text.
  • Project profiles: Use the new project options under the more actions menu on public profiles to add them to one or more projects.
  • Project collaborators: Use the new project options under the more actions menu on user profiles to add them as collaborators on one or more projects. This will give them the ability to edit and merge all project profiles.
  • Merge center: Project collaborators can use the project merge center to view and act on a list of merge issues related to that particular project.

Current projects can be found at Geni Projects.


  • Q: Who can create a project?
A: Anyone
  • Q: What benefit to I get by being a project collaborator?
A: You receive the ability to edit and merge all profiles that are a part of your project.
  • Q: Who can add collaborators to a project?
A: The project manager and project collaborators
  • Q: Who can add profiles to a project?
A: Any user can add any public profile they can edit to any project. However, in order to add a profile to a project you are not part of, you will need to follow the project.
  • Q: How do I add a profile or collaborator to a project?
  1. Go to the profile.
  2. On the right under "view tree" there is a More Actions menu.
  3. Drop down, Add to project.
  4. Drop down box opens: add to project.
  5. Close.
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