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Pending merge means that you or someone else merged two profiles together (either to create a cycle or to eliminate duplicate siblings / spouses / etc.) The point of a "pending" merge is that it can be undone. While the merge is pending, you will see a primary profile in every place where either of those two profiles previously appeared, and from the profile page of the primary profile, you can access the "secondary" profile -- the one that will be eliminated once the merge is complete.

Once you're certain the two merged profiles are actually the same person, you should complete the merge (Complete Merge button atop the profile page of the secondary profile) and then delete the secondary profile once you've verified that the primary profile contains all of the data that was previously in the secondary profile. We'll be working to streamline this process in a future release.

The following rules are used to determine which profile is chosen as the Primary Profile:

  1. If one of the profiles is claimed but not the other, the claimed profile becomes primary.
  2. Otherwise, if one of the profiles has a greater "profile completeness" score (as seen on your own home page for yourself), that profile becomes primary.
  3. Otherwise, the profile that was dropped ONTO becomes primary.

Remember: The 'Added By' credit will go to the Primary Profile regardless of who added more content. Therefore, you may want to keep in mind the following rules when dragging and dropping the duplicates:

  • When dragging a floater from the sidebar and dropping it onto a duplicate node, the floater will become the secondary Profile.
  • When dragging and dropping duplicates in the Conflict Resolution Flow of a merge, the floater that you drag and drop onto the duplicate floater, will become the secondary Profile.

Merge My Duplicate Tree and Profile

If you have more than one Tree and/or a duplicate profile in another existing Tree you may wish to merge the two accounts. To do this, simply login to one of your accounts and add the email address for the other. You may do this by selecting Settings and Email and Passwords from the top, right-hand corner of your account page.

You will then be sent an confirmation email to your other Geni account and address so you may verify that indeed you are the same person. Once you have done this, you may login and provide the password for the secondary account to complete the merger.

Helpful Hints

If one of the merged profiles contains an email address only the profile owner may complete the merger on their node. This is the reason that you are only given the 'No-Undo' option on the 'Main' profile. You may wish to contact these people and ask that they login to complete the mergers on their profiles.

Also, keep in mind that if you are not the manager of the two merged profiles or manager of only one of the profiles then you will need to collaborate with the other manager in order to complete these mergers. You may do this by adding these people to your Family Group as the default setting for Managed Profiles is Family or Family Group may make edits. Once the other manager is a member of your Family Group both managers should have permission to merge that profile. Note: if one manager has updated their Permissions then they may need to loosen the setting to include Family.

Merge Issues List

All merge issues are included in a list on your Home page in the top, right-hand corner under Merge Issues. Included there are all the pending issues that resulted from a previous merge for your Family Group, those managed by you and any profiles you are Collaborating on.

Note: When merging duplicate profiles Management responsibilities will be given to the creator of the earliest created profile in our database. Therefore you may wish to check both profiles and the Created date for each prior to merging in order to determine who will retain management responsibilities when collaborating.

Find Similar Profiles

Using our Matches feature you may view the duplicate Profiles Connected to your Tree above the revision history of any profile(also available as 'Search for duplicates' on a tree node's more menu). We'll use our advanced search technology to find other profiles with similar names and birth and death dates (+/- 4 years) as well as gender. This is a great way to quickly finding duplicates for profiles that have been added to the tree.

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