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Hide from Family Friends

These checkboxes will remove this information from your profile when viewed by Family Friends.

My Profile can only be edited by

You can choose to allow your profile to be edited by only you or by anyone in your tree.

Privacy statement

Your family network on Geni is private. We follow these rules:

  • Only the people in your family tree can see your tree. No one outside your tree can see your tree.
  • Only the people in your family tree can see your individual profile. No one outside your tree can see your profile except friends you invite.
  • You can further restrict viewing of your profile information by changing your account settings.
  • We will not provide any user's personal information to advertisers or third-parties. This includes your email address and the email addresses of those you invite.
  • We will not spam you or your relatives or enable anyone else to do so. Geni may send service notifications that you can opt out of by changing your account settings.

User privacy is of the utmost importance to Geni. For more information please see our Help Center or our extended Terms Of Use page.

You can restrict your profile information (both what is shown and who sees it) in your Settings.

Note: By default, anyone in your family's family or their family's family can view their whole profile. You can restrict this to your family and their family, or increase it to anyone. Users who don't have permission to see the full profile will only see their name, profile photo, location, and profile manager's name. Deceased profiles also include the first names of their immediate family and their lifespan.

Your profile and tree are private, so only other members of your tree can see them.

No, no one will know when you view their profile. You will also not be able to tell when your profile is viewed by others.

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