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You can view your profile by clicking on the My Profile tab.

Your Profile consists of information about yourself that you want to share with other family members. When you join Geni, a profile is automatically created for you. To view your profile, click the "My Profile" tab.

Now the profile loads first and then we load the relationship pathway. This means you do not need to wait for the longer relationship pathway to load before viewing or acting on the profile.

When viewing the profile of someone in your Family group, you will see a 'Remove from Family group' link on the bottom left of the bottom of the profile page.

Which profiles can I edit?

  • Your profile
  • A profile of a Geni User who has allowed their profile to be edited by anyone in their tree in their Profile Privacy settings
  • A profile of a Geni User who has not set a permanent password
  • Any unclaimed profile

To edit a profile, click the "Edit Profile" link on the profile.

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