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A Geni Profile is either Private or Public.

You can view your own profile by clicking on the Profile tab.

Your Profile consists of information about yourself that you want to share with other family members. When you join Geni, a profile is automatically created for you. To view your profile, click the "Profile" tab.

The profile is broken down into sections. The top of the profile contains the Basics, profile photo and to the immediate right of the profile photo: Name, Immediate Family, and so on. Action buttons are also included at the top of the profile page: Send Message, View Tree, and the More link includes other actions such as removing someone from your Family Group and Request Management.

Underneath the basics you'll find a series of tabs.

Overview Tab

The first tab is the overview tab. This tab includes the most frequently viewed information such as recent activity, photos, and the guestbook.

The recent activity module has been enhanced to include full stories just like your family news on the home tab. We've also integrated the latest news for better visibility and easier updating.

Info Tab

The info tab contains reference information that isn't viewed as often as the information on the Overview tab: Personal, Education and Work History, and Favorites.

Timeline Tab

The Timeline for the profile you are viewing is included here.

Discussions Tab

The discussions tab is part of the Public Discussions feature. On your profile it lists all public discussions that you have started. On unclaimed profiles it lists all public discussions that mention that profile. This is a great way to communicate around a specific profile and meet other Geni users who share your research interests.

Here is a view of a Sample Profile:



Sources are an important part of genealogy. A source is a document that supports one or more facts on a Geni profile. Sources can also have a citation note that adds additional information about the source, such as a transcription of the relevant text.

Adding sources helps you document the information you add to profile and helps other users determine the accuracy of the information that you've added.

How Do I Edit a Profile?

To edit a profile, click the "Edit Profile" link on the profile.

You may edit any of the following profiles:

  • Your profile
  • A profile of a Geni User who has allowed their profile to be edited by anyone in their tree in their Profile Privacy settings
  • A profile of a Geni User who has not set a permanent password
  • Any unclaimed profile
  • Any profile you Manage
  • Any deceased profile you are Collaborating

    Recently Viewed By

    To see who last viewed the photo, note the "Recently Viewed By" list under the Overview tab on the righ-hand side of the page.


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