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Your privacy, and that of your family, is important to You control the privacy of your profile and the profiles you added to the tree. We've made some changes that simplify privacy while enhancing performance and better reflecting real world privacy.


Here are the privacy groups used on Geni:

  • Your Family Group These are the people you actively follow on Geni—in your Family Newsfeed, Family Photos and Videos, and Family Calendar. By default it consists of you and your spouse’s 5th cousins and closer. You can define this group by degrees of relationship, or by adding or removing people individually.
  • Your Family’s Family These are the people in your Family Group’s Family Group. In other words, you share a family member in common with them. These people can see your profile, but you do not follow each other. You can use Geni’s privacy settings to hide some or all of your profile information from them.
  • Connected to You All profiles connected to yours through the tree.

For a visual representation of privacy groups on Geni, see the new [1] page.

Profile Privacy

Geni protects the privacy of your information by restricting who can see your profile. By default, only your Family Group and your Family’s Family can see your profile

For profile privacy, your family's family has replaced the forest. Not only does this change enhance performance, but your family's family better reflects real world privacy. Since everyone in your family's family is in the trusted group of someone you trust, you should feel comfortable sharing at least some of your profile information with them. In general, your family's family is smaller than your forest, so your privacy has been increased.



  • Who can edit my profile? By default only you can edit your profile. You can choose to let your family and friends edit your profile. You can no longer let your Forest edit your profile.
  • Who can edit my events? By default you and your family can edit your events. You can choose to let your friend edit your events as well, or restrict this to just you.
  • Who can search for me? Anyone connected to you can find you using search. By default, your profile is also included in our public search index, but you can remove it.
  • Who can contact me? By default, any user can send you a message or invite you to their family or friends group. You can restrict this to Family's Family and Friends.
  • Who can comment in my guestbook? Your profile privacy settings determine who can see your guestbook. Anyone who can view your guestbook can leave you a guestbook message.


  • Who can view my tree? Your Family and your Family's Family can view your tree from your profile. You can choose to let your Friends view your tree as well; standard tree privacy rules will apply.
  • Who can find me through the tree? Your node is viewable by your Family, Friends, and Forest and private to other users. You can make your node viewable to other users who can navigate to your node through the tree.

Managed Profiles

Your managed profile privacy settings apply to all of the profiles you have added to the tree (until they are claimed):

  • Who can edit their profiles? By default, anyone in your family or their family can edit their profile. You can restrict editing of these profiles to only you.
  • Who can search for them? All profiles are searchable by anyone connected to them. The profile manager controls whether the profile is included in our public search index. By default, deceased profiles are included in our public search index.
  • Who can find them through the tree? Choose whether their node is viewable by the forest or by anyone who can navigate to them on the tree.
  • Who can see their full profile? By default, anyone in your family's family or their family's family can view their whole profile. You can restrict this to your family and their family, or increase it to anyone. Users who don't have permission to see the full profile will only see their name, profile photo, location, and profile manager's name. Deceased profiles also include the first names of their immediate family and their lifespan.
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