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This page is intended as an overview of privacy on Geni. If you are unfamiliar with some of the terminology, please see the definitions provided at the bottom of this page. There are also links to more information at the end of this overview.

As a user, you control the privacy of your profile and each of the unclaimed profiles you have added. Following are the default privacy settings that apply to your profile information. You can customize these in your settings.

Geni Users

Your Profile

  • Your Family, Friends, and Forest can view your full profile. Anyone else can only see your limited profile, which includes your profile photo, location (city, state, and country), and the name of the person who added you.

Your Search Privacy

  • Anyone can find you using search. However, what they will see if they find you is determined by the profile privacy rules above.

Your Tree

  • Your Family and Forest will see a View Tree button on your profile they can use to view your tree. Note that tree privacy rules determine what they can see when they view your tree.
  • Only your Family, Friends and Forest can click your node in the tree to view your profile. If anyone else is able to navigate to your part of the tree (for example, someone connected to you beyond your Forest), they will only see a private node which consists only of your first initial and last name and will not be able to click through to your profile.

Non Users

Geni is designed as a tool for our users to document their family history through collaborative genealogy among family members. As a result, they are encouraged to create profiles for their family members who are not Geni users.

Each user controls the privacy of their profile and the profiles that they have added to their tree. If you are concerned about the privacy of your profile, the best way to control your profile privacy is to claim your account. You can do this by joining Geni using the email address associated with your profile from this page -

Alternately, you can contact the person who added you and ask them to kindly remove your information from the website as you are not comfortable having it there. Keep in mind, because there is no way to prevent this family member (or anyone else) from re-entering your information, the best solution is to claim your profile on the tree.


Unclaimed profile: A profile on Geni that is not associated with an active account. For example, if I add my sister to the tree, her profile is unclaimed until she accepts an invitation to join the tree. All deceased profiles are unclaimed.

Managed profile: You are the manager of any unclaimed profile you add. Once the person claims the profile, you are no longer their manager.

'[Family Family group]: A privacy group that you define. By default, your Family consists of all your blood relatives out to your 5th cousins and closer and their current partners (plus your spouse’s if you are married) and your Inlaws out to 1st cousins. This group is always mutual, i.e. if someone is in your Family group, you are their Family group.

[Friend]: A privacy group that you define. Only other Geni users can be your Friend, and this group is always mutual, i.e. if someone is your Friend, you are their Friend.

[Forest_privacy Forest]: Your Forest is your blood relatives and all of their partner's blood relatives, plus your partner's blood relatives and all of their partner's blood relatives.

More Information

For more detailed information, please see the following resources:


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