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|Uncle - father's brother || Stryj
|Uncle - father's brother || Stryj
|Uncle - mother's brother || Wój
|Uncle - mother's brother || Wuj
|Uncle - other || Wój
|Uncle - other || Wuj
|Aunt - father's brother's wife || Stryjenka
|Aunt - father's brother's wife || Stryjenka
|Aunt - mother's brother's wife || Wójenka
|Aunt - mother's brother's wife || Wujenka
|Aunt - other || Ciotka
|Aunt - other || Ciotka

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Poland (Polska) is one of the biggest countries of Eastern and Middle Europe. It's capital city is Warsaw (Warszawa). Poland has been a member state of the European Union since May 1 2004.


Polish (polski) is a Balto-Slavic language.

There are about 38 million native speakers living in Poland and about 10 milion Polish people living outside their home country. It is not determined how many of those living abroad can actually speak Polish (the estimate is from 3,5 to 10 milion). Polish has the second largest number of speakers among Slavic languages after Russian. It shares some vocabulary with the languages of the neighboring Slavic nations, most notably with Slovak, Czech, Ukrainian, and Belarusian.

Polish is written using a variant of the Latin alphabet. In addition to the standard letters of the Latin alphabet, Polish uses several additional letters like: "ą", "ć", "ę", "ł", "ń", "ó", "ś", "ż", "ź". Polish can be properly represented with the Latin-2 / ISO-8859-2 code page.

Internet availability

First internet connection in Poland was made on August 17 1991. Latest research show that:

- over 36% of Polish citizens have internet access at their homes;
- 44% of population (between age of 16 and 74) can use internet browser
- 23% of population (between age of 16 and 74) use community portals and services.

Other things to consider

All female names in Poland end with the letter "a". There are few exceptions though, like "Beatrycze" but such names are very rare. What must be taken into consideration is the fact that usually there is a difference between last names of a man and a woman. For example:

- husband: Jan Kowalski
- wife: Anna Kowalska

Interest in genealogy

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Brother Brat
Brother-in-law Brat przyrodni
Sister Siostra
Sister-in-law Siostra przyrodnia
Mother Matka
Mother-in-law Macocha
Father Ojciec
Father-in-law Ojczym
Son Syn
Daughter Córka
Son-in-law Pasierb
Daughter-in-law Pasierbica
Uncle - father's brother Stryj
Uncle - mother's brother Wuj
Uncle - other Wuj
Aunt - father's brother's wife Stryjenka
Aunt - mother's brother's wife Wujenka
Aunt - other Ciotka
Niece - brother's daughter Bratanica
Niece - sister's daughter Siostrzenica
Nephew - brother's son Bratanek
Nephew - sister's son Siostrzeniec
Grandmother Babka
Grandfather Dziad
Grandson Wnuk
Granddaughter Wnuczka
Great grandson Prawnuk
Great granddaughter Prawnuczka
First Cousin - father's brother's son Brat stryjeczny
First Cousin - father's brother's daughter Siostra stryjeczna
First Cousin - mother's brother's son Brat wujeczny
First Cousin - mother's brother's daughter Siostra wujeczna
First Cousin - other male Brat cioteczny
First Cousin - other female Siostra cioteczna
Other Cousin Kuzyn/ka
Wife Żona
Husband Mąż
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