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A Photo is worth a thousand words

Photographs are among the most treasured documents for genealogists. Photos show how your ancestors looked and what conditions they lived in. They also add color and understanding as to the conditions in which ancestors lived.

Photos also serve as a great way to jump start memories and dialogue when interviewing other family members. Photos can aid family members in recalling or refreshing their memory of certain people, places, and events.

Do not forget to look at the backside of the photo as well. It is often that the backside of a photo will show crucial information such as names, dates, and descriptions of places. The photo tagging and caption space provide under each photo within Geni is a great tool and place to describe the who, what, when, and where aspects of the photo. Also, creating photo albums within Geni is a great way to organize, store, and view the photographs.

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Many users utilize a “scanner” to transfer the physical documents into digitized documents which can be uploaded to Geni. A scanner is a device that analyzes images, printed text, or handwriting, or an object (such as an ornament) and converts it to a digital image.

Some items that should be scanned, uploaded to Geni, organized in albums, and used to reconstruct your ancestor’s past are:

  • Family Bibles
  • Legal documents (such as mortgages, titles, and deeds)
  • Insurance policies
  • Wills
  • Family letters
  • Obituaries
  • Diaries
  • Naturalization records
  • Baptismal certificates and other church records
  • Copies of vital records (such as birth, marriage, and death certificates, and divorce decrees)
  • Report cards from school
  • Occupational or personal records
  • Membership cards

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