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This page is intended as a guide to uploading photos to Geni. Please see the photos page for more information on other photo related features

Geni provides unlimited photo uploads for you and your family. When you upload your photos, you can add people, event, date, and location information to your photos to create a rich family history.

Photo Specifications

Geni does a great job of resizing photos or you, but photos with an aspect ratio of 4x3 are ideal. Some common examples of 4x3 aspect ratio are 640x480, 1024x768, 1600x1200, and 2048x1536. If the photo you are adding to Geni is going to be the main photo for the profile, try to make sure that the person's face is in the center of the photo so that their face shows up on their box in the tree.

Geni accepts the following file formats: jpeg, png, and gif.

Uploading Photos

There are two ways to upload your photos to Geni:

  • Simple Photo Uploader Use the simple photo uploader to upload a small number of photos at full resolution, complete with JPEG EXIF data intact. Click on a photo to view it in full resolution.
  • Advanced Photo Uploader Use the advanced photo uploader to quickly upload a large number of photos. You can upload 40 photos at a time with the Advanced Photo Uploader. Your photos will be compressed before uploading.

During the upload process you will have the opportunity to associate the photos with an event, tag the photos, and add captions.

Troubleshooting Photo Uploads

Photo Notifications

For information on the Media Digest and Media Comments notifications please view the Notifications page.

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