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All Account Settings:

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Control who can perform actions on your profile

These checkboxes will specify who can perform actions on your profile and in which area - Profile and Tree.

We have updated your Permissions settings, making them more concise and clear. Therefore, you may now simply determine the following:


Who can edit my profile? 
We’ve eliminated the option to let your Forest edit your profile.
Who can edit my events? 
Choose whether family and friends can edit your events.
Who can search for me? 
Anyone connected to you can find you using search. By default, your profile is also ;Who can contact me? :By default, anyone can send you a message or invite you to family or friends. You can choose to restrict this to Family’s Family and Friends.
Who can comment in my guestbook? 
Your profile privacy settings determine who can see your guestbook. Anyone who can view your guestbook can leave you a guestbook message.
Let any user send me a message or invite me to Family or Friends 
Will remained checked off if you have enabled ‘Anyone’ to send you a message-but it will respect your other settings (regarding family group and friend invites).


Who can view my tree? 
The View Tree button will appear on your profile when viewed by anyone in your Family or Family’s Family. You can choose to show this button to your Friends.
Who can find me through the tree? 
Choose whether your node is private or viewable to users outside of your Your Family, Friends, and Forest.
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