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biological groups

  • Immediate Family - The Immediate Family of a person are the people closest in relation to them.
  • Blood Relatives - Your blood relatives are everyone who shares a common ancestor with you. This includes, for example, all of your cousins.
  • Tree = Blood Tree - you and all your blood relatives and their partners.
  • Inlaws - people related to you through a partner relation to a blood relative.
  • Forest - Your Tree, Your Partner's Tree, and all of the Trees linked by marriage.

privacy groups

  • Family - User definable group of the relatives that you want to stay in touch with - you share your news, photo albums, birthdays and more with this group.
  • Friends - User definable privacy group, usually non-relatives, that you also want to stay in touch with on Geni.

Who sees what?

In general, the Forest can view tree information, and your Family and Friends can view your profile information and activity.

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