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How To Use The Organizer

  • Select the album you wish to organize by scrolling the 'My Photo Albums' side bar on the left side of the page
  • There are Links to Edit or Delete the Album at the right corner of the top of the page
  • Select Album Details to edit the Description or Event
  • Drag photos to reorder or move them to a new album
  • Select by clicking individual photos to tag them, make a favorite, delete, or set as an album cover
  • Double click a photo to view or edit it

= Event Tagging an Album

To tag an album with an event:

  1. Navigate to the album you would like to tag with an event
  2. When viewing the album, click the 'Organize this album' link at the top right
  3. Click the 'Album Details' link under the album name
  4. Click 'edit' next to 'Event:' and select the event you would like to associate with the album
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